Letter from Executive Director

Dear Sustainable Population Supporter:

I want to thank you for your partnership in solving overpopulation. You’re one of my heroes, because you get it, and you’re doing something about it. Thank you for that.

This is a time when it matters perhaps more than it ever has:

  1. With your help, we’ve pierced the veil that had been thrown over the subject of human overpopulation. Conversations are taking place. The issue is getting news coverage. The time to press hard on this issue is now.
  2. Many nations today are finally experiencing population contraction. Others – like the U.S. – are seeing record low birthrates, which could lead to contraction.
  3. However, many economists and growth boosters are sounding alarms about this, imploring women to get busy incubating more workers, consumers and taxpayers (yes, that is dehumanizing and insulting).

(See the links below with a few examples illustrating these points).

You’ve helped us move the needle on this important issue. But it’s not yet “Mission Accomplished.” We can’t rest. It’s critical now that we educate prospective parents, politicians, journalists and influencers about human overpopulation. This is a unique time in human history. We have the potential now to rally people around the world to embrace smaller families and further reduce birthrates.

We’ve been taking advantage of this opportunity. This past year I appeared on national and global network news programs making the case for reducing human numbers. We took the Sustainable Population Meetup global. We’ve hired a co-host/co-producer for The Overpopulation Podcast so we can publish more frequently, and we’re in the midst of planning a second billboard campaign to launch in the fall of 2020.

If we’re successful taking advantage of the opportunity that exists at this moment in time, your frustration level will go down, and you’ll enjoy the satisfaction that we are making real forward progress. Do you like that idea? I sure do! So please join me in turning up the volume on this important conversation. We know what needs to be done. With your help we are getting to it!


Dave Gardner
Executive Director

P.S. Your financial support counts now more than ever. Please consider increasing your contribution.




Positive Conversations and Media Coverage
(Evidence of the Progress We’re Making)

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