Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We envision a world where no one suffers in dire poverty and misery for lack of enough food, water, and other basic needs. We see a world where all species thrive and where lower consumption and population are in balance with Earth’s finite resources.

Our Mission

We alert and educate that overpopulation is a root cause of resource depletion, species extinction, poverty, and climate change. Our mission is to chart a path for human civilization that – rather than causing greater misery – enables good lives on a healthy planet. We advocate and support a smaller, truly sustainable human population – through dramatic and voluntary reduction in birth rates. 



World Population Balance is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.

We present our message through public presentations, website, podcasts, social media, newsletter, media interviews, billboards, and other advertisements.

World Population Balance members come from across the political spectrum. Many members are strongly pro-life and others are pro-choice. We respectfully agree to disagree about many issues, including abortion, in order to focus time and energy on achieving a sustainable global population.

Believing strongly in democracy, liberty, and individual freedom, members of World Population Balance oppose any coercive population control measures.