We Are Unique: We Focus on Solving Overpopulation

To our knowledge we are the only population organization in the world that candidly promotes all of the following direct yet hopeful and empowering message:

  • The world is significantly overpopulated right now. 
  • Overpopulation is Solvable.
  • Successfully solving overpopulation will be an uphill battle. Yet, it is vastly easier than coping with overpopulation’s devastating consequences. And we can do it!
  • We must successfully inspire and encourage people to choose having fewer children – below a two child average. By voluntarily choosing two – or, preferably one or none – total population will decline to a level where everyone can be properly supported, sustainably. 

Fortunately, some countries already have this population-reducing average. By following the lead of these countries, world population in 2100 would be five billion – less than half the 11 billion projected! That’s a great victory for all humanity!

Like all great causes, this will require a groundswell of concerned people around the world. Creating this groundswell requires millions of dollars to empower people to pursue this truly sustainable course.

Your partnership with World Population Balance is money and time well spent. It means you are also tired of throwing away your money on projects to save the planet that don't have a prayer of working unless we also stabilize and reduce total population.

With your support we can do it! 

Yours for sustainable population,

David Paxson

President Emeritus
World Population Balance

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