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The Overpopulation Podcast features enlightening conversations between World Population Balance Executive Director Dave Gardner, staff, and guests. Stay tuned as we roll out more podcasts to raise overpopulation awareness and spread the great news that overpopulation is solvable!

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Episode 18:  "Population IS a Problem"

And it warrants greater attention, not less. This roundtable discussion with the WPB staff answers the question, "Is there a problem with population?" An attempt to answer the question with a 'not really' was recently published in a commentary at by Chris Smaje with the title "Population: What's the Problem?" Executive Director Dave Gardner, Carolyn VandenDolder, and Alan Ware examine Smaje's premise, his characterizations, and his assumptions. Ultimately, we strongly disagree with his conclusion.

Episode 17:  "Let's Stop Trampling Our Kids' Rights"

We need to put our children first. Carter Dillard and Karin Kuhlemann of the non-profit, Having Kids, join host Dave Gardner for a very candid conversation explaining "child-first" family planning and how it will benefit our children and make human civilization more sustainable.

Episode 16:  "Listener Roundtable"

We wanted to hear what you, our listeners, are thinking about the challenges, the setbacks, and the wins in the race to achieve a sustainable world population. Seven listeners joined the four members of our World Population Balance staff for this conversation.

Episode 15:  "Young Women Consider Family Size"

Graduate student, Emma Spett, believes it's wise to be deliberate about bringing children into the world. Emma raises important questions like: "Why does everyone need their own genetic offspring to be fulfilled?" "Is freedom to choose more important than the sustained existence of our ecological and human systems?"

Episode 14:  "Can We Live the Good Life Sustainably"

Can 7.6 billion or more people live sustainably and happily on the planet? Can we avoid the sensitive topic of choosing smaller families simply by eating less meat, taking public transportation and turning the thermostat down in winter and up in summer? The World Population Balance staff kicks this subject around in response to a study that concluded resource use would need to decline by a factor of two to six times for all the world's people to live well within planetary boundaries.

Episode 13:  "Teaching Students About Overshoot"

College students grieve when presented the facts about overshoot. World Population Balance Executive Director, Dave Gardner, picks the brain of a professor teaching a college course on human population. Chris Bystroff, Professor of Biological Sciences and Computer Science and Director of the Bioinformatics Program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, shares what he's observed about the knowledge and attitudes of young adults enrolled in his college course. Bystroff also shares exciting news about his research project to develop an easily reversible contraceptive vaccine. 

Episode 12:  "What the Media Gets Wrong on Overpopulation"

Overpopulation and the impacts of human population growth have been getting more and more media coverage in recent years. World Population Balance thinks it’s important to have the resulting awareness, education and conversations. But how thorough, unbiased and accurate is the coverage?