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The poltical hazards of discussing overpopulation

Bernie Sanders was asked about human overpopulation. How did he handle it? And how was that reported by the media and received by the public? The Overpopulation Podcast team offers observations and analysis.

Why do political candidates rarely volunteer a position about human overpopulation? In spite of the hard work of sustainable population advocates, and progress made, overpopulation and its solutions are still misunderstood. Misunderstandings and misassumptions are so common that the subject remains sensitive. But it shouldn’t be “a poisonous subject.”

Kids: To Have or Not To Have

Is motherhood an essential part of womanhood? Some think so, and it might surprise you how much societal pressure remains today for women to have children. Mothers hope for, and some pressure their children to give them) grandchildren. Friends ask newlyweds when they’re going to “start a family” (aren’t the newlyweds already a family?). Even the attitudes of some medical professionals can lack sophistication. Some couples make the decision to have children as an automatic default – just the next step in life.

Family Size Decisions that Consider Welfare of Children

Today, family planning decisions tend to be all about the desires of parents, with little or no regard for the rights and living conditions of the prospective child and people who are already here. Do two adults have the right to bring a child into a world that’s a dystopian hell? Or do they at least have some responsibility NOT to? If the number of children you decide to conceive will have a direct impact on the quality of life those children experience, should that consequence be factored into your family size decision?

Playing Whack-a-Mole with Pro-Growth Bias

Dropping birth rates are good news, not a “slump” we should hope is temporary. Yet news reports, headlines and commentaries about this are consistently displaying a pro-growth bias. We have your back. The Overpopulation Podcast team has mallets in hand. In this episode we continue playing whack-a-mole with instances of overpopulation disinformation.

Nervous about Overpopulation?

The most recent in what’s becoming a never-ending barrage of alarming scientific reports suggests a million animal species are in danger of being pushed off the planet by the relentless expansion of the human enterprise. World Population Balance Executive Director Dave Gardner and Research Associate Alan Ware discuss this news, and ponder whether scientists, and the journalists who report on their work, are doing their part to alert us to the role of human overpopulation in biodiversity loss and climate change.

Dropping U.S. Birth Rates Good News

The U.S. Birth Rate is dropping. Sound the alarm? Or break out the champagne? We explore the subject on this episode.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control reported in May, 2019 that U.S. birthrates dropped 2% over last year, hitting a 32-year low. NPR and other news outlets have characterized this as a “slump” that will be bad news for our economy. We beg to differ. On an overpopulated planet, fewer births are a ticket on the expressway to sustainability. According to host (and executive director of World Population Balance) Dave Gardner:

Getting Overpopulation Right in the Media

Is political correctness being over-applied to avoid reporting on the connection between population growth/overpopulation and the numerous environmental crises they create and/or amplify? Sustainable population activist Mike Hanauer submitted this question to Grist, an online news magazine: “Why doesn’t Grist talk about population?” His question got the most votes to be answered in Grist’s Ask Umbra column, so the subject was addressed in Humans Cause Climate Change. Do We Just Need Fewer Humans? The column was pretty disappointing, so we invited Mike onto the podcast to help host Dave Gardner dissect that response.