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The Overpopulation Podcast features enlightening conversations between World Population Balance Executive Director Dave Gardner, staff, and guests. Stay tuned as we roll out more podcasts to raise overpopulation awareness and spread the great news that overpopulation is solvable!

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No Escape from Planet of the Humans’ Inconvenient Truths

Some environmentalists don’t want you to see Planet of the Humans, the new documentary executive produced by Michael Moore, which raises important questions about what we’re being told by renewable energy advocates. The film’s producer/director and narrator, at one point tells the audience:

“It was becoming clear that what we had been calling green, renewable energy, and industrial civilization are one and the same – desperate measures not to save the planet, but to save our way of life.”

Episode 40: "Sustainable Population Australia - Part Two"

How does the public conversation about overpopulation differ between Australia and North America? Dave and Erika invited Sustainable Population Australia’s (SPA) Michael Bayliss back for a second episode to compare notes and report on the 2019 bushfires, SPA’s public policy recommendations related to population, and to share personal experiences that inform his work today.

 39 Pandemics & Overpopulation: Perils of Endless Human Expansion

Don’t run for the hills; COVID-19 is not a zombie apocalypse. But incidence of zoonotic pandemics has quadrupled over the last fifty years. You’ve probably heard of HIV, Avian Flu, Swine Flu, Ebola, SARS, MERS, West Nile, and Zika. That’s not a comprehensive list, but a scary one.

Episode 38: Overpopulation Denial: Time to Get Over It

Do a few instances of ugly motives or methods of addressing overpopulation in the past mean overpopulation is not a problem? Or do they mean it’s a problem we dare not attempt to solve? Do they mean there aren’t loving, equitable and ethical ways of reversing population growth?

Episode 37: Sustainable Population Australia - Part One

Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) has been working on the global and national population issue since 1988, about four years longer than World Population Balance. In this episode we get an update and overview of the organization and the situation in Australia from Michael Bayliss, the organization’s communications manager.

Childfree Choice Becoming More Widely Adopted and Accepted

The decision to parent should be your own decision; society shouldn’t be making that decision for you. The childfree choice is one viable, rational and even emotional response to the state of our world.

A Smart Choice: Busting Only Child Myths

Lonely, selfish and maladjusted? NOT. Careful consideration of all the ramifications of your family-size decision is smart. Perhaps you’re leaning toward having only one child; there are plenty of good reasons to stop there. But you’ve heard only children are spoiled and selfish, or can be peculiar. It turns out these are myths.