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The Overpopulation Podcast features enlightening conversations between World Population Balance Executive Director Nandita Bajaj, cohost Dave Gardner, staff, and guests. Stay tuned as we roll out more podcasts to raise overpopulation awareness and spread the great news that overpopulation is solvable!

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50 Yes, Canadians CAN Help End Overpopulation

Why have One Planet, One Child billboards sprouted in Vancouver, Canada? Their presence has stirred a flurry of questions, critiques and controversy, and support. World Population Balance welcomes the conversation, so we hosted a webinar on October 7th, 2020 to address the questions and criticism. This episode features the audio from that webinar.


Why It’s SO Hard to Have Intelligent Discourse About Overpopulation

The One Planet, One Child billboard campaign has generated a flurry of media coverage, social media conversation and community response. The loudest reactions have been completely off-base. In this episode, the World Population Balance staff shares and discusses some of the feedback, and demolishes the most common overpopulation myths, misconceptions and misassumptions.

World Contraception Day: Separating Sex from Childbirth

Men spend most of their lives trying to have more sex. Women spend the lion’s share of their lives trying not to get pregnant. Separating sex from childbirth is what most women and men want, and it’s exactly what contraception allows us to do.

47 Overpopulation Got Daylight on Earth Overshoot Day

Human civilization has been in overshoot (making unsustainable demands on the planet) since about 1970. If there was any hope we’ve changed our ways, that hope was dashed on August 22, 2020. Learn more in this episode. There are lots of contributors to overshoot, but the one most often avoided, or at least ignored, is overpopulation. In this episode we applaud a few NGOs for NOT hiding from the subject.

Cold Showers, Depopulation Panic and Overpopulation Illiteracy

Society can flourish with declining birth rates. That’s what the world needs to know, according to João Abegão, author of The Human Overpopulation Atlas. He wants men and women to desire a smaller family and be able to easily exercise that choice.

Our conversation with João covers depopulation panic and growth mania, civilization collapse, pessimism, overconsumption, the value of simple living, and a billboard campaign in Portugal that celebrated small families (similar to our One Planet, One Child campaign in the U.S.).

Depopulation Panic – Don’t Fall for It

World population COULD peak in 2064 instead of sometime after 2100, according to a new world population estimate. On an overpopulated planet, a 2064 peak is far better than post-2100. But you wouldn’t know it based on the news coverage. The BBC headline read, Fertility Rate: 'Jaw-Dropping' Global Crash in Children Being Born. In this episode, we dig into the coverage and highlight how journalists’ pro-growth bias colored the reports – giving very little weight to the environmental benefits and unwarranted emphasis on the challenges economies face in adjusting to a shrinking number of consumers and workers.

World OVERpopulation Day

World Population Day is July 11th, but The Overpopulation Podcast team is renaming it World OVERpopulation Day, and we’ve taken over the website to do it. In this episode, we lament how the United Nations avoids the subject of overpopulation in its World Population Day messaging.