Episode 63: "Perspectives from Population Institute's Kathleen Mogelgaard"

	63 Perspectives from Population Institute’s Kathleen Mogelgaard

Great strides have been made in advancing women’s reproductive autonomy, but there is still much to accomplish. Kathleen Mogelgaard, new president of the Population Institute discusses the Institute’s work, including reducing the unmet need for family planning (affecting over 200 million women around the world) and an active effort to permanently repeal the global gag rule (which interferes with provision of important family planning services).

Regarding the recent surge in baby-bust alarmism, Kathleen notes that the lower birth rate in the U.S. represents real progress – women taking advantage of a greater diversity of opportunities, and fewer unintended and fewer teen pregnancies. We all agree the response to dropping birth rates – an emphasis on bumping up birth rates – is demeaning, reducing the role of women to manufacturers of future workers, consumers and taxpayers. Also on the agenda: the history of the “population taboo,” the continuing need to improve overpopulation literacy, and the real possibility of seeing an end to population growth this century.