Episode 61: "Meet the New Executive Director of World Population Balance, Nandita Bajaj"

nandita bajaj

New Executive Director and podcast co-host Nandita Bajaj shares her brief history and the meandering path that led her to becoming a sustainable population advocate. Former Executive Director Dave Gardner interviews Nandita her about her plans for World Population Balance and why she is dedicating her life to this cause.

Nandita shares her perspectives of the tightly woven links between pronatalism, anthropocentrism and human overpopulation and why our growing human enterprise is one of the most pressing planetary justice issues of our time. A passionate advocate for minimalism, veganism, and childfree living, Nandita speaks about the joy of living simply in communion with all life on our planet.

Dave and Nandita also share their excitement about continuing as the co-hosts of the podcast.

This podcast was published May 11th, 2021.