Episode 47: "Overpopulation Got Daylight on Earth Overshoot Day"

47 Overpopulation Got Daylight on Earth Overshoot Day

Human civilization has been in overshoot (making unsustainable demands on the planet) since about 1970. If there was any hope we’ve changed our ways, that hope was dashed on August 22, 2020. Learn more in this episode. There are lots of contributors to overshoot, but the one most often avoided, or at least ignored, is overpopulation. In this episode we applaud a few NGOs for NOT hiding from the subject.

The Australian government readily admits it depends on population growth as the main driver of economic growth, and it is hooked on economic growth. So closed borders due to COVID-19, coupled with couples choosing to delay or even decline to bring children into these dark times, is “bad news” for the nation’s growth-addicted economy.

This episode was published August 25th, 2020.