Episode 45: "Depopulation Panic – Don’t Fall for It"

Depopulation Panic – Don’t Fall for It

World population COULD peak in 2064 instead of sometime after 2100, according to a new world population estimate. On an overpopulated planet, a 2064 peak is far better than post-2100. But you wouldn’t know it based on the news coverage. The BBC headline read, Fertility Rate: 'Jaw-Dropping' Global Crash in Children Being Born. In this episode, we dig into the coverage and highlight how journalists’ pro-growth bias colored the reports – giving very little weight to the environmental benefits and unwarranted emphasis on the challenges economies face in adjusting to a shrinking number of consumers and workers.


  • How do some overzealous sustainable population advocates turn potential allies off?
  • Overpopulation Denial AND Shaming run amok at Resilience.org. Crazy Town is one of the best podcasts going, but what is the problem with the podcast’s mothership?

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This episode was published on July 3rd, 2020.