Episode 43: "Planet of the Humans Slandered by Attempts at Overpopulation Shaming"

43 Planet of the Humans Slandered by Attempts at Overpopulation Shaming

Overpopulation shaming has raised its ugly head to new heights with unfounded and misleading critiques of the documentary, Planet of the Humans. We thoroughly debunk the defamation in this episode, especially the deceitful and ugly attacks by UK Guardian columnist George Monbiot and filmmaker Josh Fox. We also continue the discussion of what Planet of the Humans got right.

The controversial film, executive produced by Michael Moore, has been pummeled by some renewable energy enthusiasts as unfairly and inaccurately targeting renewables and as being “racist” for bringing up human overpopulation. World Population Balance co-hosted two webinar panel discussions of the film, and now the World Population Balance staff convenes for this third, and final (for now), conversation.

This episode was published June 21st, 2020.