Epidsode 34: "The Climate – Population Connection"

the population climate connection

“The great under-discussed factor in the climate crisis is there are just too many of us, and we use too much shit.” Comedian and social critic Bill Maher said it well. Yes, our profligate lifestyles have a big carbon footprint. And if they do, then the number of footprints makes a big difference, and it is undoubtedly “under-discussed.” So, in this episode, we discuss it.

We also give a big shout-out to Jane Garvey and Anna Lacey of BBC Woman’s Hour. Their radio program/podcast is a gleaming (and rare) example of mainstream media treating the overpopulation topic from an informed perspective, with integrity. Link below.

Plus: Don’t you think the One Planet, One Child Billboard Campaign is worthy of perhaps $1 billion of support from the new $10 billion Bezos Earth Fund? If you bump into him in the steam room, let him know. We wouldn’t turn down a contribution from Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson or Michael Bloomberg, either!

This episode was published February 24, 2020.