Episode 33: "Getting Past Overpopulation Denial"

 33 Getting Past Overpopulation Denial

It’s a beautiful thing: a world in which everyone is aware and informed about overshoot and overpopulation’s role in that, and they all have the freedom to make an informed, loving decision about how many children to conceive. If we continue to avoid the “elephant in the room,” that will bring an ugly future. The topic hasn’t been getting its due, because of avoidance, dismissal and denial.

We get a progress report on the new One Planet, One Child Billboard Campaign (have you pledged your support?). This campaign aims to end the misinformation, misassumptions and fears around the subject of human numbers. And speaking of numbers, this episode addresses the math that tells us overpopulation is a thing. Yes, overconsumption is also a problem that must be addressed, but the team takes a closer look at the data that tells us we need to attack overshoot holistically.

The Overpopulation Podcast squad is here to combat fear and avoidance standing in the way of TRUE sustainability. We invite anyone interested in the population-environment connection to walk with us toward a brighter future for the planet and ALL living species.

This episode was published February 18, 2020.