Episode 32: "Overpopulation Keeps US Up Nights: So We’re Launching a New Campaign to Help Solve It"

Overpopulation Keeps US Up Nights

Overpopulation Illiteracy or Overpopulation Denial - whatever you call it, it’s standing in the way of truly solving world overpopulation. Misconceptions, misassumptions, misplaced sensitivities, and fears have kept the world silent on this crisis far too long. It’s time we root out overpopulation illiteracy and replace it with the truth, and the guts to speak it.

That informs two very big conversations in this episode. The second is an announcement of a brand new initiative that’s going to be very big! So be sure to listen to the entire episode.

This episode’s agenda:

1. A recent issue of the Sierra Club’s magazine, Sierra, made a clear attempt to dissuade readers from concerning themselves about population’s role in the damage we’re doing to the life-supporting ecosystems of our planet. The writers and editors recommended focusing on our behavior instead. But if behavior is the problem, isn’t the number of people misbehaving part of the sustainability equation? Of course, so The Overpopulation Podcast team recorded this episode to set the record straight.

We’re quite familiar with those barriers to open conversation and action on the population numbers front. We understand the confluence of factors that might lead someone to conclude, “It’s not the population, stupid.” So this episode’s conversation is not intended to embarrass or deride. This is a serenade to the team at Sierra magazine, and anyone else who could benefit (Sierra Club CEO Michael Brune?): we invite you to listen to the case we make, and then join us for a follow-up conversation. Leave your fears at the door, and refrain from jumping to any conclusions. Hear us out. You might be surprised to discover that addressing human overpopulation can be a beautiful thing.

2. We’ve got to end the silence and educate the public, elected officials and journalists (and if we’re really good at this, economists, too) about the TRUTH about overpopulation and the very ethical, humane solution. Informed decisions will go a long way. And it won’t hurt if we throw in a dash of inspiration, too. So today (February 11, 2020), we’re launching the One Planet, One Child Billboard Campaign. Details later in this episode, plus at the link below. You have a crucial role to play, so DO visit the project website at www.oneplanetonechild.org.

This episode was published February 11, 2020.