Episode 26: "Playing Whack-A-Mole with Pro-Growth Bias"

Playing Whack-a-Mole with Pro-Growth Bias

Dropping birth rates are good news, not a “slump” we should hope is temporary. Yet news reports, headlines and commentaries about this are consistently displaying a pro-growth bias. We have your back. The Overpopulation Podcast team has mallets in hand. In this episode we continue playing whack-a-mole with instances of overpopulation disinformation.

NPR, the Wall Street Journal, Grist, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, and Facebook’s Undivided Attention video series all get a whacking in this episode. On the good news front, syndicated columnist Froma Harrop, Miley Cyrus, Prince Harry and the BirthStrike movement get nods of (modest) approval from the team. On Prince Harry’s declaration that he and Meghan will have no more than two children, podcast host Dave Gardner advises Harry to stop at one child – particularly to set an example.

We just have to share this quote from Froma Harrop’s column in the show notes:

“What makes for a strong society is healthy people, prosperous people and happy people — not more people. Americans can put low birthrates at the bottom of their worry list.”

- Froma Harrop

The team also briefly discusses the UN IPCC report, Climate and Land, which joins the growing list of dire warnings about our destruction of life support systems. In response, Dave suggests we “rally” the public to stop growing the population, rather than rallying technologists to try to feed 10.9 billion people in 2100.

This episode was published August 29, 2019.