Episode 24: "Celebrate the Baby Shortage"

Dropping U.S. Birth Rates Good News

The U.S. Birth Rate is dropping. Sound the alarm? Or break out the champagne? We explore the subject on this episode.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control reported in May, 2019 that U.S. birthrates dropped 2% over last year, hitting a 32-year low. NPR and other news outlets have characterized this as a “slump” that will be bad news for our economy. We beg to differ. On an overpopulated planet, fewer births are a ticket on the expressway to sustainability. According to host (and executive director of World Population Balance) Dave Gardner:

“We have so many news anchors, journalists, celebrities, elected officials who…really don’t understand that we’re in overshoot today.”

Disappointed that she doesn’t know we are in overshoot, Dave has this message for The View host, Whoopi Goldberg:

“Whoopi,…You said, essentially, ‘Oh my God, our Ponzi scheme is unraveling.”

Carolyn thinks she just needs to “think a little bit harder.” This episode gives you the REAL story about recent coverage and response to dropping birthrates.

This episode was published June 21, 2019.