Episode 12: "What the Media Gets Wrong on Overpopulation"

Episode 12:  "What the Media Gets Wrong on Overpopulation"

Overpopulation and the impacts of human population growth have been getting more and more media coverage in recent years. World Population Balance thinks it’s important to have the resulting awareness, education and conversations. But how thorough, unbiased and accurate is the coverage? For this roundtable episode of The Overpopulation Podcast, the World Population team examines two recent radio programs that took up the issue: "More People, More Problems", on 1A, produced by WAMU and distributed by NPR; and "Can We Avoid Global Catastrophe As the World Population Heads to 10 Billion?" on the series, On Point, produced by WBUR and heard on over 290 NPR stations. The WPB staff at the roundtable: Dave Gardner, Alan Ware, Carolyn VandenDolder and Joan Philips.

This episode was published February 27th, 2018.