Episode 9: "Editorial Cartoons: What Makes Joel Pett Tick?"

Episode 9:  "Editorial Cartoons: What Makes Joel Pett Tick?"

Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Joel Pett has long had our environment, sustainability and overpopulation on his mind. His cartoons have graced USA Today, the Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, the Boston Globe and his hometown Lexington Herald-Leader for over three decades.

Frequently lampooning denial and other irrational human behavior disrespecting our critical, life-supporting ecosystems, Joel’s deep connection with the natural world inspires him to use his creativity for good! Pett is also the winner of the 1999 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for cartooning, and a 1995 winner of the Global Media Award for cartoons on population issues.

In this charming conversation, Joel shares stories about some of his favorite cartoons and reacts to Overpopulation Podcast host Dave Gardner’s analysis. While you listen, peruse Pett’s cartoons. CAUTION: Some adult language.

This episode was published May 23rd, 2017.