Episode 4: "Move Upstream - We're Overpopulated"

Episode 4:  "Move Upstream - We're Overpopulated"

Author, naturalist, and World Population Balance advisor, Karen Shragg completely supports working on the many environmental and social issues of our time, "but nothing will matter when we run out of the vital resources of this planet, or create a climate too unstable to grow enough food." In this interview with World Population Balance's David Paxson and Dave Gardner, Shragg explores the premise of her book, Move Upstream: A Call to Solve Overpopulation. The three attempt to untangle the irrational avoidance of fundamental truths about overpopulation. Karen thinks "it’s everyone’s responsibility, who has a microphone, to talk about this issue. We need to be afraid of the problem, not the solution."

This episode was published March 17th, 2016.