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The Overpopulation Podcast features enlightening conversations between World Population Balance Executive Director Nandita Bajaj, cohost Dave Gardner, staff, and guests. Stay tuned as we roll out more podcasts to raise overpopulation awareness and spread the great news that overpopulation is solvable!

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Episode 64: "World Population Day: More Humanity, Fewer Humans"

Population Institute Canada’s Madeline Weld has a sustainable vision for Canada. Growth boosters and the media’s assumption that growth is good top the list of topics in this conversation with Weld, president of Population Institute Canada. We get her thoughts about U.N. messaging and action on World Population Day (July 11).

	63 Perspectives from Population Institute’s Kathleen Mogelgaard

Great strides have been made in advancing women’s reproductive autonomy, but there is still much to accomplish. Kathleen Mogelgaard, new president of the Population Institute, discusses the Institute’s work; including reducing the unmet need for family planning (affecting over 200 million women around the world) and an active effort to permanently repeal the global gag rule (which interferes with provision of important family planning services).

62 Untucking Overpopulation with Alexandra Paul

It’s an insane world where speaking the scientific truth is an act of courage. Actress Alexandra Paul has been courageously educating people about human overpopulation for over thirty years. Her most notable effort is a TEDx Talk, Overpopulation Facts - The Problem No One Will Discuss. The questions we ask her about that TEDx experience reveals just how irrational our society is about discussing this subject.

nandita bajaj

New Executive Director and podcast co-host Nandita Bajaj shares her brief history and the meandering path that led her to becoming a sustainable population advocate. Former Executive Director Dave Gardner interviews Nandita her about her plans for World Population Balance and why she is dedicating her life to this cause.

episode 60 - dave gardner

Podcast co-host Dave Gardner reflects on the agony and the ecstasy of working to alert, educate, and inspire action to end our overpopulation crisis. Nandita Bajaj turns the table and interviews Gardner about his 6 years on the podcast and serving as executive director of World Population Balance. Who IS this guy? Why has he been working seven days a week for years to alert people about population overshoot and to “save the planet?”

episode 59: BRAVO for the Baby Bust!

On an overpopulated planet, a baby bust is cause for celebration. It’s exactly what we need. Yet today, because of growth addiction and widespread ignorance of the overpopulation crisis, dropping birth rates are being universally reported as bad news. We circle up for roundtable discussion of the phenomenon – and provide the very important alternative, science-based, viewpoint – in this episode.

Sex, Religion, Politics and Overpopulation

The solution to the human overpopulation crisis is quite beautiful. It means less childhood poverty, parents who aren’t exhausted, and children receiving ample parental attention. Families can afford nutritious food, health care and educational opportunities - and the planet can meet our needs long into the future. In part two of our conversation with Christopher Tucker, author of A Planet of 3 Billion, we continue exploring how to make the “uncomfortable” conversation about overpopulation more comfortable.