Our Vision to Solve Overpopulation

We must inspire humanity to reduce births below a two child average. Only then will population decline – humanely. 

If not solved, overpopulation will overwhelm all the world’s people. Today people spend billions trying to make a more sustainable planet. And all we get is a more polluted and less stable one. 

At World Population Balance we think a sustainable planet – and significantly lower population – is worth the investment. Our ambitious, transformative vision requires major funding to implement the following:

  • Create and implement a national – and ultimately global – multi-media Overpopulation Awareness campaign – involving both mainstream and social media – that clearly tells Americans and the world the truth about our overpopulation crisis and what we must do to humanely solve it. We collaborate with fresh, brilliant, video artists who are alarmed about the overpopulation crisis and passionate about solving it. All we need is substantial funding to unleash compelling, inspiring messages that lead humanity toward solving overpopulation.
  • Endow a Sustainable Population Leadership program. The world needs bold, courageous leaders – especially young people – inspiring all to solve overpopulation. 
  • Host Solving Overpopulation conferences featuring experts on resources, biodiversity, poverty and social change. Central to the conferences is the understanding that truly sustainable world population is significantly below seven billion people and overpopulation is solvable through voluntary means.
  • Establish a think tank focused on humanely solving overpopulation. It will create messages effectively promulgating the truth – that we are significantly overpopulated, that humane population reduction is possible, and that we must reduce birth rates below an average of two to succeed.

Implementing Our Vision

To successfully implement this vision, we are expanding our current collaboration with several other population and sustainability groups around the world. We believe a unified strategy to solve overpopulation is critical to success.

People around the world must catch the fire that overpopulation is solvable! We are far past the best time to solve it. We can no longer spend energy on the too-little-too-late approach of incremental change. We need bold, courageous initiatives to inspire action now! 

If you have similar concerns about overpopulation and the critical need to solve it, let’s talk. We need your partnership to build and implement this comprehensive campaign – to help humanity create a truly sustainable civilization.

We need you – your ideas, your fundraising skills, your financial support, your wisdom and your energy – to make the necessary cultural sea-change! Help us plan and implement our transformative vision!

Please contact us! We would be delighted to brainstorm and partner with you to help humanity move forward – to solve overpopulation on the planet.


(To learn how we are unique among overpopulation groups, see We are Unique: We Focus on Solving Overpopulation.)

Your donations will help our efforts.


Solving Overpopulation – Our Best Hope & Best Investment

Today people spend billions trying to make a more sustainable planet. And all we get is a more polluted and less stable one. 

The sustainability movement’s noble efforts to preserve nature and reduce consumption and poverty are failing. Species, forests and potable water continue to disappear. Fossil fuel use continues to climb, and Earth continues to be plundered for increasingly scarce resources. 

Clearly, we must change our strategy and focus on the message and actions that will make a difference: 

  • We – our country and our planet – are overpopulated. And unless we also solve this, we won't overcome our other major problems.
  • Overpopulation is Solvable!
  • The only humane way to solve overpopulation is to reduce births below an average of two per family.

At World Population Balance we think a sustainable planet is worth the investment of millions. 

Our global vision is to help humanity change course – away from the cliff of overpopulation collapse – toward a truly sustainable population. Dramatically reducing births is the only humane way to defeat the “population monster,” as Nobel Laureate and former WPB Advisor, Norman Borlaug, called it.

A TWO child average will not solve overpopulation

With a two child average per woman (or per man), total population would go up by about two billion more – by over nine billion – before it even levels off! And it would not decline below 8 billion for another 200 years! 

We must begin dramatically reducing births now – in order to achieve sustainable population and a viable planet for all people.

The greatest gift parents can give their first born is to have no more children.

Solving Overpopulation – Humanely or INhumanely

All humanity has a choice. We can either solve overpopulation humanely – by inspiring all families to voluntarily choose zero, one or two children – or we can allow more famines, disease, misery, suffering and an explosion of early deaths to solve it INhumanely.

Simply put, that’s the choice. And it’s our choice. Let’s choose the humane course now. Overpopulation is Solvable. 

One child families can save humanity!