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This issue features two longer articles: "Why We're Celebrating Smaller Families on Billboards" and "Coronavirus and Overpopulation: Making the Connection".

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This issue features the article, "Sustainable Population: A Necessary Element in Achieving the Sustainable 'Good Life' in the U.S. and Beyond" by Michael Hanauer. We also review the latest Overpopulation Podcasts - and reveal the new WPB tabling display.  

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This issue is highlighted by a long article, "Can All 7+ Billion of Us Live 'the Good Life' Sustainably?". We also review the latest Overpopulation Podcasts, invite readers to start 'tabling' for sustainable population, and invite anyone interested to join our online virtual meetup. 


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In this issue we have two longer articles: "Yes, (Over)Population IS a Problem", and "WPB Joins Sustainable Population Groups in Issuing A Call to Action on the Scientists’ Second Warning to Humanity". 

We also review the latest Overpopulation Podcasts: Episode 18 - Population IS a Problem, Episode 17 - Let’s Stop Trampling Our Kids’ Rights, Episode 16 - Listener Roundtable, Episode 15 - Young Women Consider Family Size, Episode 14 - Can We Live the Good Life Sustainably?


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This newsletter contains 2 great articles for your review.  We discuss the Sustainable Population Resolution and the climate change spotlight on Sustainable Population Advocacy.