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Radio Ads


Listeners in the Chicago, Illinois area heard the 30 second ads listed below on WFMT radio. The station is heard throughout the region and streamed online around the world, and its highly educated audience numbers in the hundreds of thousands. Our messaging in these ads was designed to truthfully state that 1) overpopulation is a crisis, and 2) overpopulation is humanely solvable through a voluntary and dramatic reduction in births.  


"The world is overpopulated, while many resources decline. This can’t continue, or more people will face scarcity, hunger, and conflict.

World Population Balance has good news:   overpopulation is solvable – humanely. Various studies have shown that families in Thailand used to average 7 children.  Now, they average fewer than two. They’re choosing, voluntarily, to limit family size because they understand good lives for their children depend on it. 

Projections show that by following Thailand’s lead, population in 2100 would be 5 billion – less than half the 11 billion projected. That’s a great victory for all humanity! To learn more, contact David Paxson at worldpopulationbalance.org. Please support World Population Balance – Leading the way to solve overpopulation."


"Humans now occupy all corners of the globe. Aquifers are over-pumped, farmland disappears, and species go extinct at alarming rates.
Non-renewable resources – fossil fuels, metals, and minerals – the foundation of industrial civilization, are increasingly scarce and expensive. This is not a recipe for a happy future.
World Population Balance sees many projections showing that choosing one or no children – freely and voluntarily – will help create a sustainable population and future for all.

World Population Balance has good news: overpopulation is solvable and sustainability is possible. Learn more by contacting David Paxson at worldpopulationbalance.org."


"Farmland and topsoil loss.  Aquifer depletion. Species loss. Ocean pollution. Climate change. Forest loss. What do all these have in common? They are all made worse by human overpopulation. 

And yet, how often do you hear overpopulation mentioned in the context of these enormous global issues?

The silence is deafening. Help break the taboo.

World Population Balance believes that people need to cut to the chase and confront the biggest contributor to unsustainability – overpopulation.  Help humanely solve overpopulation! To learn more, contact World Population Balance at worldpopulationbalance.org."


"Human population has more than doubled in the past 50 years. Warning lights are blinking:  species loss, topsoil loss, ocean and air pollution, forest loss, aquifer depletion … and the list goes on. 

The standard response is to work piecemeal on each issue separately. World Population Balance believes that solving overpopulation will help solve all these problems, and that overpopulation is solvable by freely choosing one or no-child families. To help create a brighter future for all children contact David Paxson at worldpopulationbalance.org." 


We’re encouraged by the positive response we received from many listeners. And we greatly boosted our presence as the population organization most clearly stating the magnitude of the overpopulation crisis and providing clear guidance for how to solve it. We will continue to speak the overpopulation truth and thanks to your support we can keep spreading the overpopulation truth. 



World Population Balance ran these public radio spots which were heard by hundreds of thousands of listeners throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area in Minnesota. 


“Programming is supported by World Population Balance, a Minnesota non-profit, working to humanely stabilize world population. Global resources like oil, safe water and topsoil decline while populations increase daily by over two hundred thousand. More at WorldPopulationBalance.org.”


“Programming is supported by World Population Balance. Despite famines, wars, diseases, droughts, tsunamis, and even hurricanes, in the past year world population has increased by over 70 million people, net gain. More at WorldPopulationBalance.org.”


“Programming is supported by World Population Balance, a Minnesota non-profit, working to help answer the question: “With resources declining and population increasing, and hundreds of millions in dire poverty, what’s our future?” More at WorldPopulationBalance.org.”


"Programming is supported by World Population Balance, a Minnesota non-profit focusing on the future. Working to humanely balance increasing population with declining resources for generations to come. More at WorldPopulationBalance.org."


For information that substantiates these claims, see the article "Current Population is Three Times the Sustainable Level".

Print Ads

In 2006 World Population Balance reached thousands of people with these ads in local and regional magazines in the Twin Cities region of Minnesota.  

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