Sustainable Population Resolution

Help political parties and environmental groups understand that true sustainability requires sustainable population. If you attend party caucuses in the U.S. this resolution can help get sustainable population into the political conversation. If you are involved with an environmental group, encourage members to support the resolution as written or adapt the language to fit your group’s position. 

Whereas climate change is the most egregious sign that we are currently living unsustainably and imperiling the future1 and

Whereas the Lund University Study quantitatively concludes having one fewer child per family in developed countries reduces the CO2 equivalent of more than 10 times the combined CO2 reduction of three highest-impact actions2 and

Whereas Global Footprint data indicate a drastic reduction in both population and consumption is required in the United States for us to live sustainably3 and

Whereas population reduction through lower birthrates is more humane than population reduction through increased misery and death rates,

Be it resolved that the _____________ Party (or organization), in addressing climate change, will advocate for voluntary small families as an integral part of its response.


1World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity, Second Notice published November 13, 2017. World Scientists' Warning of a Climate Emergency published November 5. 2019.

2Lund University Study published July 12, 2017.

High-impact actions for reducing your carbon footprint in developed countries:

  • having one fewer child (58.6 metric tons CO2-equivalent (tCO2e) per year)
  • living car-free (2.4 tCO2e per year)
  • avoiding airplane travel (1.6 tCO2e per year for every round trip trans-Atlantic flight)
  • buy green energy (1.5 tCO2e per year).

3Global Footprint Network data indicate that a sustainable US population, at current rates of consumption, would be about 150 million people.