Sustainable Population Pledge

One child families means less than half our current population in 100 years

Source:  Eric Rimmer and Andrew Ferguson

Why a TWO child average will not solve overpopulation

  • With a two child average per woman (or per man), total population would go up by about two billion more before it even levels off! We must begin dramatically reducing births now – in order to achieve sustainable population and a viable planet for all people.

One child families can humanely solve overpopulation!

  • By averaging one child, total world population would be about 1/3 of our current population in 100 years. Exponential population decline can help humanity return to a truly sustainable number of people on the planet.

One child families can save the world.

Overpopulation is destroying the planet and our future

  • Our world is in a human well-being crisis. Every year 75 million more acres of farmland are destroyed and lost to farming, net loss (UN). Over half the world's 7+ billion people are in countries where fresh water tables are falling.
  • We are destroying 25 more acres of forest every minute, net loss (FAO). One million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction, more than ever before in human history (UN). 
  • Overconsumption of many "renewable" resources is rendering them nonrenewable. Alarmingly, we are consuming many non-renewable resources – fossil fuels, metals and minerals – at ever-increasing rates, as well.
  • We are struggling to live healthy lives on a dying planet. And many people are deluding themselves into believing that we can grow our way out of these problems.
  • According to research by the Global Footprint Network, we humans are currently consuming renewable resources 68% faster than the truly sustainable rate. We are in consumption overshoot. 
  • To stop global overconsumption, depletion of resources and unprecedented loss of species – and significantly reduce dire human poverty – total world population needs to be between 1 and 3 billion people. That is the population range to be truly sustainable, long term, on the planet.
  • Therefore, the most important single action each of us can do to help create a truly sustainable planet and population is to choose to have one child and encourage others to have one child. 

We can solve overpopulation humanely.

Sign our Sustainable Population Pledge!

(To find out how else you can help, see Our Vision to Solve Overpopulation.)

Signers - Sustainable Population Pledge

Jim Rodgers - U.S. - "Most all the problems one faces on their daily routine is due to too many people. I truly appreciate what you guys are doing with the podcast and share it with everyone I have the opportunity to share it with."

Cindy Frye - U.S. - "I am the parent of one, absolutely zero regrets."

Pamela H. Foster - U.S. - "I am excited to become part of this movement."

Hugo Delgadillo - U.S. - "I never had any children, and that has been my greatest contribution to planet earth."

Todd Verwers - U.S. - "Human overpopulation of our planet needs to be widely acknowledged as the core cause of nearly all of the environmental crises we are confronted with today. Quality rather than quantity of human life must be emphasized."

Ian Kenney - U.S. - "Thank you for the important work you are doing for our planet."

William Gulsby - U.S. - "If I ever have a child, it will be because of adoption."

Brian Czech - U.S. - "It’s such a personal decision, but people have to decide. Making it public provides political traction for policy reforms. And we’ve got to have policy reform toward the steady state economy — stabilized population and consumption — for any chance at maintaining the spectacular planetary ecosystem we call Earth (aka home)."

Franziska Gerhardt - Germany
Barbara Case - U.S.
Kierstin Quinonez - U.S.
Brad Meiklejohn - U.S.
Steven Kurtz- U.S.
Robert Shafer - U.S.
Alan England - U.S.
Alf Giuliano - Australia

Biryomumaisho MugishaBruno - Uganda - "We are already using natural resources almost as fast as they can regenerate. If we continue the current population and consumption trajectories, we would need 3 earths by 2050 to supply our demand without destroying nature!"

Dusti Becker - U.S. - "Thanks for addressing over-population! If we don't get our numbers down to around 3 billion there is no hope for people and the natural systems that sustain them!"

Magdalena Rechnio - United Kingdom - "I have been thinking about the problem of families with numerous children since I found out about the overpopulation issue - and I am glad to sign the pledge and encourage others not to have a child or have no more than one child!"

Gin Cawood- U.S. - "Voluntary limits on population are needed to prolong the length of time and quality of life that humans have left on this beautiful planet that deserves our care."

Spencer Lennard - U.S. - "Thank you for not breeding."

Tony Povilitis - U.S. - "We need to scale down overconsumption in affluent countries and population globally. It's essential for our own wellbeing and for that of other life on Earth. Thank you for this initiative!"

Kay Erdwinn- U.S. - "I consciously chose not to have children, and have been passing on information advocating having only one child in a family for years. It's nice to find an organization that educates about this. Thanks, World Population Balance!"

Eric Childers - U.S. - "I am currently 41 years of age. I began recognizing population as a growing issue around 30 years ago. By high school, the decline of necessary resources was clearly evident. I decided then to have no children. I have maintained and upheld that decision."

Elijah Buckwalter - U.S. - "I plan to adopt children rather than produce biological children. I think it is a great way to have a family without adding more people to an overpopulated planet!"

Gyula Józsa - Sourth Africa
Tony Danzi - Australia
Domingo Luego - Phillippines
Wayne Lewis - Australia
Amélia Rougeau - Canada
Tim Oseckas - Australia
Elizabeth Major - Australia

Keith Dungworth - United Kingdom - "It is good to find a group that is fighting this cause. The sooner we can see this “elephant in the room” the quicker we can get on with treating the disease not just the symptoms. In addition to the obvious environmental and pandemic problems, I have noticed how this overcrowding is affecting all our freedoms, people living in crowded accommodation, we seem to have to queue and wait for everything, roads are full, holiday destinations are all crowded etc, etc."

Mats Dahlen - Sweden - "I'm happy to see that you are working with the most important issue for our world! Keep up the good work!"

Brenda May - U.S. - "I had myself sterilized at 35 years old, after begging for the privilege of such for over 10 years. After 8 pregnancies (3 sons and 5 miscarriages), I was finally permitted sterilization by the medical institution. This is absurd! Laws need to be made to serve any and all persons over the age of adulthood to be sterilized whether or not they have already procreated."

Sami Valens - U.S. - "How much more can the highways expand to accommodate the never ending traffic jams? How much more farmland can we stand to give up for another long row of smoke shops, nail salons, Walmarts and apartment complexes?"

Rachel Craggy - Canada
Bob Hastings - Australia

Steven Scott - U.S. - "This site has an enormous amount of resources to educate anyone about the crises of over population, and what we can do to do our part for the generations that follow."

Dana Weintraub - U.S. - "There's too many of us! Mother Earth will win out in the end."

Kris Cichon- U.S.
Rebekka Kelch - U.S.
Andrew Floyd - Canada
Rahul Thakor - India

Elisabeth Strunk - Germany - "Staying childfree not only has a massively positive impact on your environmental footprint. It also frees up considerable amounts of your time, money and energy, that you can put into making our world a better place."

J.M.M. Harrison - U.S. - "We need to share the planet will all of Nature’s creatures. Only then will we have an ecologically sustainable planet."

Barbara Musial - United Kingdom
Madeline Russell - U.S.
Thomas Schrot - U.S.
Fernando Leal-Calderon - France

Craig Cline - U.S. - "Each of us had better start making a BIG difference -- right now. It's w-a-y later than we think."

Don Thompson - U.S. - "Empower and educate women and girls and have fewer children and fewer demands on the environment that supports us all."

Moira Johnston - United Kingdom - "We only have one planet which can't support the explosion we've seen in the World's population over the last 100 years. It's time to act before it's too late."

Robert Melnyk - U.S. - "I consider over-population to be the root cause of climate change, global poverty, and recourse shortage. We need to address this issue now."

Nelly Seif El Nasr - Canada - "We all play a part in conserving the planet's resources and paving the way for the next generation."

Phillip Moose - U.S.
Grant Nash - United Kingdom
Gabrielle Kirsch - U.S.

Jem Randles - Wales - "We each need to cut back on our consumption and waste. But no one can consume as little as the human that is not conceived & born ... which is zero. There needs to be far fewer of us on the planet for the sake of all species, including our own."

Amy Aebert - U.S. - "Our overpopulation as a species is the main problem of the entire world. That the majority of people do not see this is a complete tragedy."

Lena Holtzberg - Sweden - "I have long regarded overpopulation as the root of each and every problem this planet is facing and the most urgent to deal with, but yet the least addressed and discussed."

Fred Wescott - Canada - "Global warming and extinction of other forms of life on our planet are symptoms of human overpopulation."

Ville Määttä - Finland
Erik Robertson - U.S.
Alymer Gribble - Canada
Vanessa Mcfarlane - U.S.
Dana Olson - U.S.
William Barry - U.S.

Sandra Jephcott - Australia - "We need to convince a greater proportion of the world population that less is better"

Blayne Jongbloed - U.S.
Pranav Rudra - U.S.
Karl Walther - Australia

Savannah Pollet - U.S. - "We are only setting up future generations for poorer qualities of life and higher chances of apocalyptic events. I surely would not want my loved ones to have to endure that."

Richard Middleton - Australia - "We did not choose to be born, but we can choose to make a good life for ourselves, all other living people and those who are born after us. Keep up the good work."

Jess Hunt - U.S. - "My mantra is "One Woman One Baby", so I'm 100% with you!"

Carroll McInroe - U.S. - "Habitat destruction, climate change and overpopulation are intimately connected."

Andrea Ignacio - U.S.
Damien Rowse - New Zealand
Robert Johnson - United Kingdom
Scott Bihorel - U.S.
Eric Ridgway - U.S.

Elizabeth Essig - U.S. - "The first politician who backs this gets my vote 100%!"

Nikki Doornberg - Netherlands - "Normalise having less kids. Help the ones who are already alive!"

Kazimierz Songin - United Kingdom - "Most people want more children for their own selfish joy, without thinking about the overpopulation those children will have to face. I hope we can change that."

Mary Stralka - U.S.
Tom Wagenknecht - U.S.
Robert Pilloud - Canada
Mary Wickum - U.S.
JoAnn Agnone - U.S.
Bethany Wakefield - Canada
Colleen Barry - U.S.

Dean Angiola - U.S. - "Human overpopulation is "ground zero" for so many of the problems that we face today. I am pleased to see you are attempting to treat this matter with the urgency it deserves by advocating for one child families."

Lawrence Gann - U.S. - "Earth cannot handle 8 billion of us, at least not without decimating nature and causing climate mayhem."

Gabriel Loynes - United Kingdom - "If people want to do their part to help the environment then having one child is the best thing we can do to help."

Nathan Clark - U.S.
Shivaani Kulanthaippayan - Malaysia
Lavonne Rhodes - U.S.
Joe Gianforte - U.S.
Kelly Quinonez - U.S.

Ethan Joe - Canada - "Finally a group of people that understand what I have been saying for years."

Trish McKeen - Canada - "I devoted, and continue to devote, my life to 4 legged "kids". I have absolutely no regrets!"

Maery Callaghan - Canada - "I am so glad to finally connect with people who agree with my long held views on this problem. Nature is capable of controlling the balance between earth's species & resources....except when it comes to humans. Our numbers and consumption are way out of control. We've seen the tragic results in China of forcing people so education is the best solution."

Petra Chase - Canada - "I pledge to not bring any children in the world, but I plan on looking into adopting children because there's so many children in the world that need parents already, and I recommend anyone who still wants to raise children and have a family to do this instead!"

Louis Martinez - Canada
Nathalie Boisvert - Canada
Arthur Brode - U.S.
Rebecca Powers - U.S.
Rita Iglesias - United Kingdom
Alyssa Wenger - U.S.
Robert Gillison - U.S.

Rick Fournier - U.S. - "I've advocated low or no population growth since being conceived into a family of 10 kids - enough said - try it..... you won't like it !"

Angela Richards - U.S. - "We encourage our own adult children to either not have kids or only have one if they must."

Gordon Sadler - Canada - "Finally! This is the best solution to the environmental disaster we are facing."

Keith Falconer- Canada - "Species around the world are being driven to extinction at an alarming rate."

Sarah Richter- U.S. - "I am a 22-year-old young woman and recent college graduate. I am childfree by choice and hopefully will be sterilized soon! What I read and see in the media confirms my decision on a daily basis. Having children in spite of climate change, growing social disparity, and overpopulation is dangerous. I want to use my freedom to enact change in hopes of a brighter future. Thank you for your podcast! It inspires me to continue this lifestyle and activism."

Maralei Bunn - U.S.
Rebecca Bishop - United Kingdom
Joe Ho - Hong Kong
Mohamed Alhusni - Qatar
Steve Laking - United Kingdom
Celine Nouvel - U.S.

Abhisek Sharma- India - "To remain in harmony with nature and finite resources encouraging everyone is the only solution. Lives will be much better. I support fully your work. Thank you."

Nandita Bajaj- Canada - "Not having children is one of the most important decisions that my husband and I made for our planet, our home, over 10 years ago. While our decision revolved around addressing the overpopulation crisis, we have thrived tremendously in a childfree relationship. We are a stronger and more fulfilled couple as a result, with time and resources to give back to our human and non-human animal communities that need it the most. We couldn’t be happier."

Amber Sealy - United Kingdom
Aubrie Barkenhagen - U.S.
Marco Shoeman - South Africa
Ali Bagheri Tirtashi - U.S.
Piers Leveroni - United Kingdom

Vince Mastrocola- Canada - "I am hopeful that the population growth rate can be altered so that we never reach 10 billion before starting to descend to the 3 billion level that would allow humanity to sustain itself without further destruction of the planet."

Crystal Kennedy - U.S. - "We need to be more compassionate and stop letting our egos tell us that our genes are so special that we have to reproduce because this is biology, and sometimes our biology does not know what's best for us. We need to be smarter than our biological drive to reproduce."

Katherine Schwarz - U.S. - "I think there should be a Non Mother's Day to recognize those of us who chose not to have children and model that lifestyle. So many women feel pressured by society, by their peers, by their mothers or mothers-in-law to have children and women who choose not to are made to feel inadequate and made to feel like they will never have a fulfilling life if they are childless."

Elle Gill - Australia
Steven Hinchliffe - Australia
Pablo Florez - Columbia
Christine Ward - U.S.

Marc Fleisher - U.S. - "I find it extraordinary that overpopulation, the root cause of all the other problems our planet faces, is not front and center. "

Ryan Leatherwood - U.S.
Hemang Sharma - India
Ved Prakash Singh - India
Guy Burdon - United Kingdom

Spencer Lloyd - Canada - "As a chemical engineering student striving for a sustainable future, it has become clear to me that no technological solution will ever enable 7 billion people to live sustainably. We must reduce our population size in parallel with technological advancement."

Wouter Janssens - Belgium
Mark McKenzie - U.S.
Maurice Simon - U.S.
Richards Gregory - U.S.
Larry Glickfield - U.S.
Carrie Westgate - Canada

Barbara Lawless - U.S. - "Overpopulation is the biggest problem our planet faces. We need to all work together to sustain finite resources. Encourage everyone you know to have no more than one child."

Maria Pinto - U.S. - "I am Childless by Choice (and not politically correct), since 25 years old. Now at 65 I have never regretted that decision"

Stephen Wood - Australia
Barbara Brown - United Kingdom
Vishnu Mahapatro - India
Bob Jones - Niger

Dusti Becker - U.S. - "I want to reduce the numbers of people on our planet, humanely, and to create better lives for all people, and for the other plants and animals on this one and only Earth."

Debanjan Adhikary - India - "Fewer humans is best for this planet and all the species."

Christina Elens - Ukraine - "I am absolutely grateful to you for this wonderful work you have been doing! Many people don’t want to realize that a one child family is important!"

Katherine Kooyman - U.S. - "I needed this website right now to remind myself NOT to have a second child!"

Shivaani Kulanthaippayan - Malaysia - "My sisters and I are from conservative Hindu Family who's all about marriage and bearing children. All I can say is that we are definitely going childfree and we will continue educating and create awareness as far as we can go."

Peter Fiekowsky - U.S. - "Pledging to have a small family is the most potent climate action any individual or family can make. It saves 100 times more carbon emissions than being vegan your whole life. As founder of the Foundation for Climate Restoration, I encourage everyone to take this pledge."

Kaleimani Kulanthaippayan - Malaysia
Yuvaneswary Lulanthaippayan - Malaysia
Yunusa Joseph - Nigeria
Melanie Duke - Canada
Nathan Sanche - Canada
Kieran Devine - United Kingdom

Natalia Mikhailova - Columbia - "Today more than ever we need to understand and accept the huge problem of overpopulation that we created as a human race and now we have an urgent call to solve it."

Mike Saffern - Israel
Grant Christian - New Zealand
Lewis Langford - United Kingdom
Virginia Maraposa - U.S.

Shannon Marquardt - U.S. - "The human race must stop destroying this planet and driving other plants and animals into extinction."

Julija Ivanova - North Macedonia - "Don't waste your lives on unnecessary procreation that will suffer in an overcrowded, dirty and ruined world: one healthy, prosperous and happy child is enough to make you and your husband happy."

Andrew Burr - U.S.
John Caywood - U.S.
Tristian Nabors - U.S.
Carlo Antonini - Spain
Kostas Apodiakos - Greece

Laura Griffiths - New Zealand - "This is so important for the planet and all life on it."

Jerry Zemens - U.S. - "For myself, this has been a no-brainer since I first read "The Population Bomb" back in the day."

Maryjane Allen - U.S.
Rachel Wills - U.S.
Pablo Florez - Columbia
Lee Bartlett - U.S.
Greg Lepetsos - United Kingdom
Yazmin Alatorre - U.S.
Chris Ward - Canada
Susan Sweeney - U.S.

Phil Rhodes - U.S. - "Thank all of those helping this important cause. All my life I have seen the very sad destruction of our earth, its creatures and the hurtful effects upon the people because of overpopulation and the crazy belief in ever-growing population."

Melissa Tartaglia - U.S. - "The number one thing we as humans can do to ecologically improve the planet is to have zero or even negative human population growth."

Blaise Bayer - U.S.
Kirk Good - U.S.

Deborah Thompson- U.S. - "I chose to not have children, primarily for environmental reasons but also because I thought I could do more good for the planet and all its inhabitants as an independent woman. Now, more than ever, I am truly glad that I chose this path. I hope we can very soon have rational public discussions about this existential issue. There is no time to waste."

Sharyn Jobe - U.S. - "I decided when I was 13 I would not have children and it was the best decision in my life."

Jojo Hewlett - U.S.
Michael Stevens - U.S.
Tony Smith - United Kingdom
Risa Frankel - U.S.
Gerhardus Smith - South Africa

Toby Stewart - Canada - "If we don't reverse human population growth voluntarily, then it will occur inevitably through less humane, more cruel and inequitable means -- wars, pandemics, famines, extreme weather, droughts, etc.-- not something I want as our generation's legacy for everyone's grandchildren and those following."

Nancy Kling - U.S.
Heinz de Chelard - Australia
Louise Broderick - Canada

Pamela Marsh - U.S. - "People say it's selfish to not have children! I say it is 100% the opposite! I hope in my lifetime I can witness a DECLINE in our population, so tigers, and cheetahs still have a home, and not just billions, and billions of resource consuming, plastic wasting, garbage making human beings!"

Dina Morrisson - U.S. - "Finally the connection between smaller families and human survival is being realized by people. My husband and I are happy to be a part of this movement in the name of peace, prosperity, and ALL OF LIFE!"

Janice and Stephen Blakeney - Australia - "We are committed to helping others understand the gravity of the global climate emergency and its roots in the impact of human population growth. Our earth's resources cannot sustain exponential growth nor is the quality of life - all life - sustainable without addressing human numbers."

Brendan Anderson - Canada - "What good is having more people in the world if they can never experience the beauty of the Earth, or if they have to viciously compete in poverty for the limited resources on our planet? I just want the humans of the future to live in a world full of beauty, plenty, peace, and prosperity. None of that is possible if we keep living the way we do in the numbers we do."

Carmel Morris - Australia - "I have been told 'It's selfish not to want children' (I don't have my own, only one adopted son) but now I hear more often, 'It's selfish to want children,especially more than two'."

Trevor Caldwell - U.S.
Megan Seibert - U.S.
Liam Burton - Australia
Simon Cole - Australia
Amm Zowadul Karim Khan - Bangladesh

Lauren Kinnee - U.S. - "Stop the stigma against only children and people who choose a child-free life."

Jeremiah Curtis - U.S.
Liam Purvis - United Kingdom
Anja Mann - Germany
Norm Lane - U.S.
Ace Bright - U.S.
Jane Archer - United Kingdom

Eliane Joly - U.S. - "Let's save the planet with its flora and fauna and humanity."

Sarah Matanah - U.S.
Jaqueline Schmutz - France
Franziska Gerhardt - Germany
Filipe Loureiro - Portugal
Stephen Odlum - Australia
Maria Mercedes Garcia Pool - Mexico
Chuck Zierdt - U.S.
Craig Christenson - U.S.

Angelina Sifuentes - U.S. - "I believe our world is dying faster and the biggest problem is us humans who are overpopulating it. I believe one child would help a lot!" >

Ana Gonzalez - U.S. - "We are destroying our planet and kids will have no future."

Ivan Cicin-Sain - U.S.
Jacob Brown - U.S.
Mary Belecz - U.S.
Ken W.K. Wong - Canada
Emerson Ashby - U.S.
Kathleen Waterhouse-Skibicki - U.S.
Terry Victory - U.S.
Jem Randles - United Kingdom
Allison Benfield - U.S.

Sofia Campos - Portugal - "The conversations and debates regarding the Environmental Crisis can no longer continue oblivious of the fact that there are too many of us."

Mirza Abdul Qayyum Baig - India
Sandhya Selvaraj - U.S.
Shawn Otteman - U.S.
Belaji Shyamkumar - U.S.
Liam Crotty - U.S.
Yngvar Thomassen - Norway
Quinon Norwood IV - U.S.
Hamed Amin - U.S.

Carroll W. McInroe - U.S. - "We must reduce our population dramatically if our world is to survive."

Dorothy Hanna - U.S. - "Focused on saving Mother Earth, her numerous species, and humanity as well. A great, and refreshing change, with doable ideas, and action plans."

Kandice O'Grady - U.S.
Amanda Eiman - U.S.
Christopher Watts - United Kingdom
Emma Joseph - U.S.
Juliana Ossa - U.S.
Sarah Haller - U.S.
Mary Armbrust - U.S.

Katie McCammon - U.S. - "This is the most important thing we must do to save the planet and life itself. Know that taking this pledge means the world to so many others."

Corey Vannoy - U.S. - "Thanks for relentlessly bringing awareness to this topic. I am, and have been, concerned about overpopulation but was not aware of just how much we are already in overshoot (my wife and I decided to have two kids). I pledge to share this message relentlessly myself, and provide real information and science on this issue. We need this message to get to young couples BEFORE they start making family size decisions."

Danielle Sisco - U.S. - "This will reduce the over-consumerism and ultimately return humanity back to the balance with nature. Take only what you need, and leave the rest."

Kathleen Graves - U.S.
Philip Seller - United Kingdom

Sadie Phillips - U.S.
Kim Forsell - Sweden

Wendy Moonful - Australia - "I have never understood how you could say you were a conscious person and yet be blind to exponential population growth and the pressures it puts on our fragile planet. I have no children and I have never regretted that decision!"

Daniel DeTellem - U.S.
Sylvie Garcia-Santacruz - Belgium
Courtney Crookes - South Africa

Dana Smith - U.S. - "While I have created no children, I have adopted one and encourage the same for others."

Atul Singh Sisodia - India
Adam Dalloway - United Kingdom
Emma Adkins - United Kingdom
Daniel Peterson - U.S.
Allan Upton - United Kingdom

Shirley Sacks - U.S. - "More children equals a less sustainable world."

Smit Baxi - India
Emily Clyde-Parry Yaroszko - Canada
Ted Toal - U.S.
April Turner - United Kingdom
Connie Cunningham - U.S.

Pamela Marsh - U.S. - "I'm telling everyone that will listen about the importance of having one, or better yet, no children at all. "

Tony Jefferey - United Kingdom
Daniel Purgiel - U.S.
Flynn Perkins-Best - United Kingdom
Malc Cochran - U.S.
Deanna Fulp - U.S.
Alicia Robison - U.S.
Shannon Thompson - U.S.
Christopher Perrault - Canada

Adrienne Fitzgerald - U.S. - "This is the most obvious solution to so many of the world's problems."

Hannah Frauendienst - U.S.
Stacie Wiggins - U.S.
Linda Rawles - U.S.
Mark Ottley - New Zealand
Cody Clark - U.S.
Missy Comfort - U.S.

Vera Lustig - United Kingdom - "After listening to your excellent podcast, I'm convinced that asking people to stop at two children (replacement rate) is not sufficient to tackle this crisis."

Kendra Whisler - U.S.
Katrin Ottley - New Zealand
Hemang Sharma - India
Martin Taylor - Australia

Peter Faulkner - New Zealand - "This has to be the single most important issue of our lifetime. It affects everything in our life."

Levi McEwen - Canada
Kenneth Brown - U.S.
Lucia Schuetz - Germany
George Naryshkin - U.S.
Dawn Haworth- U.S.

Sarah Bexell - U.S. - "This is an issue that has worried me since my early 20's as I watched wilderness and wild animals that I love disappear, then in my 30's to see the devastation that overpopulation, crowding and pollution bring to bear on our own species. For human rights, animal protection and environmental preservation, thank you for all that you do."

Victor Quintero - U.S. - "I decided at an early age of 14 not to destroy mother earth anymore with insane overpopulation. This was clear to me and everyone else in the 60's when there were only 4 billion people on the planet!"

Ricardo de Almeida - Brazil - "Be happy, no kids!"

Sherry Day - U.S.
Katie Parker - U.S.
Philip Cranmer - New Zealand
Kayden Bearden - U.S.
Laura Connolly - U.S.

Crystal McCarty - U.S. - "We should all work together to teach self control to our young people. Most young people think when they grow up that the normal thing to do is to get married and have kids. They can marry and foster or adopt children instead of overpopulating."

Victoria Koch - Canada
Wade Hooper - U.S.
B.J. Kohlstedt - U.S.
Allan White - U.S.
Markus Schraml - Austria

Adrian Man - China - "The world population rose by around 5 billion since 1950, and the population is only growing exponentially. The result of overpopulation will be desperation and war"

Rahman Md. Khalilur - Bangladesh - "Let couples decide by their own judgment what they prefer - poverty and more children or limited children and more wealth, peace, and progress."

David Marshall - United Kingdom
Tanya Bellows - United Kingdom
Tyler Clark - U.S.

Mounika Gaddam - India - "Let's save humanity. I have and will have only one baby as just to satisfy my parental instinct and will have no more."

Dana Weintraub - U.S. - "Not looking forward to the population crash. Time to wake up and talk about it!"

Adele Clough-Dixon - United Kingdom
Don Kahler - U.S.
Sasha Petrovick - U.S.

Carly Auroré - Australia - "I wanted to have 4 children but when I learned about the Mass Extinction of nearly every species on the planet, and the environmental collapse that is to come, I decided not to have any, and to adopt instead."

Roberto Nardini - Italy
Hannah Schauer - U.S.
Robert Diamond - Canada

Ann Meisch - U.S. - "We MUST reduce human overpopulation to save humanity and the Earth on which we live. We must do it NOW, or face dire consequences of depletion of all of Earth’s resources, climate change, famine and disease."

Allison Riggs - U.S.
Yeuk Sze Lo - Australia
Kayla Titus - U.S.

Tim King - Canada - "It's time we took our role as caretakers of our biome seriously."

Richard Vernon - United Kingdom - "My late wife and I decided long ago, while working in the health and agricultural research sectors respectively, in developing countries, and seeing the obvious over-population, that we would have only one child."

Max Bowtell - Australia - "We have a large continent with only 22 million people but already there is serious alarm about water supply. Common sense should tell us that this cannot end well."

Caleb Smith - U.S.
Wendy Dugmore - Australia
Paula Dugmore - Australia
Mike Davis - U.S.
Cally Davis - U.S.

Mark Leaver - U.S. - "Vasectomy at 28. Now 53. No regrets."

Jeffrey Booms - U.S.
Naomy Gonzalez - U.S.
Joseph Mitchener - U.S.

Steven Van Slyke - U.S. - "We are already WAY beyond a sustainable level of human population. We can no longer claim ignorance. The signs are all around us and in the news every day. Will tomorrow's children enjoy tuna fish sandwiches? Will they ever see a live gorilla? Will they have to move to find water?"

Andrew Laneczko - U.S.
Jeffrey Lazar - U.S.
Billie Messex - U.S.

Kenneth Marchtaler - Canada - "By reducing our population, we will increase the hope for all!"

Barbara Biel - U.S.
Sonal Aggarwal - U.S.
Quintijn Hoogenboom - Netherlands
Shaun Steiner-Goldberg - United Kingdom

Tim Oseckas - Australia - "I will educate others that the most important thing they can do is to have no (more) children for the sake of the child and everyone else."

Kevin Lamb - U.S.
Anna Likos - Finland

Ruth Sanderson - United Kingdom - "Currently we are undergoing the Sixth Great Extinction Event in the history of the planet and this is the only event that is attributable to one species; humans. We are the volcano. We are the asteroid."

Jonathan Austen - United Kingdom
Kyriakos Loukakis - Greece

Dheeraj Kumar - India - "I wish to encourage people to adopt orphans and refrain from bringing a new life into this world until it is fit to live in."

Ryan Wellman - U.S.
Kyriakos Loukakis - Greece
Evelina Li - United Kingdom
Dave Ellison - U.S.

Alberto Bolgiani - Italy - "Less is more."

Santosh Pal - India
Louise Broderick - Canada

Gene Masso - U.S. - "It is one's duty to the future of humanity and in honor of all our race has accomplished to prevent overpopulation and its inevitable devastating effects."

James Mitchell - Canada

Benjamin Bonnefoy - France
Eco Eau - Peru
Anita Carswell - U.S.

Cletus Struckhoff - U.S. - "I can't think of a single major world problem that wouldn't be solved by lowering our population to under 2 billion."

Nassir Kassam - U.S.
Robert Lesch - U.S.
Jose Gerardo Lezama Montiel - Mexico

Stephanie Harel - South Africa - "Nothing makes more sense to me than the population problem as the major root cause of our societal dilemmas."

Kira Lanthier - France
Catherine Marsh - United Kingdom
James OHearn - U.S.
Chandan Kumar - India

Hillary Johnson - U.S. - "Thank you for trying to teach people this. I hope humanity chooses to save Mother Earth and its very important wildlife."

Stephanie Swank - U.S.
Cesar Valdevieso - Venezuela

Abrodar Darshay - U.S. - "Nothing that we do, politically or socially, will ever amount to anything if we do not first address one of the most pressing problems of human civilization: the human tendency to over-reproduce."

John Dermody - U.S.

Elaine Casaregola - U.S. - "Both parents and nonparents honor life and give breath to the future in different but important ways. We should mutually respect, support and cooperate with each other since our different paths ultimately converge into the same direction which is to help keep the world sustainable as long as possible for those now and all who come after."

Richard Hoare - Thailand - "Governments need to educate young people to have only one child. It's mandatory if the world is to exist in liveable form in 50 years time."

Peter Artle - U.S.

Barry Goldman - Australia - "I have been speaking out against human overpopulation for over 50 years. Finally, people are starting to see the problem."

Lynn Naugle - U.S.
Quinton Bowers - U.S.
Roxanne Knight - U.S.
Tim Oseckas - Australia
Brian Volgler - U.S.

Jennifer Macdonald - Australia - "Thank you for raising awareness of this important cause."

Sue Chalmers - United Kingdom
Kevin Playdon - New Zealand

Sandra Narraway - United Kingdom - "I became aware that there is no problem this world faces that cannot be helped radically, if not overcome, if there were fewer people in the world."

Kaitlyn McKenna - U.S. - "If I have kids at all, which at the state of the world I'm strongly considering not, I will only have one."

Kathyrn White - U.S. - "Love who's already here."

Alan R. Anderson - U.S.
Dave Paxson - U.S.
Alan Ware - U.S.

Karen Shragg - U.S. -  "I am a composting, organic vegan who teaches environmental education and speaks up on the overpopulation issue. But nothing I have done has been more fruitful than my choice not to multiply."

Carlota Mendoza Perez - U.S.
Toni Brandvold - U.S.
Virginia Ward - U.S.
Myra Starkenburg - U.S.
John Bohlig - U.S.
Donald Pine - U.S.

Thomas Breckenridge - U.S. -  "We must all be asking the question, 'Is it Sustainable?' when we look at our overpopulation situation. Then ask, 'What am I doing about it?' Thanks to World Population Balance for its continued witness and direction."

Nancy Paxson - U.S.
Joan Phillips - U.S.
Lawrence Turner - U.S.
Kendall Griffith - U.S.
Joan Wicklund - U.S.
Ruth Colby - U.S.
Helen R. Anderson - U.S.
Michael Hanauer - U.S.
Bettye Ware - U.S.
Clifton Ware - U.S.
Virginia Humphrey - U.S.
Ralph C. Colby - U.S.
Fred Elbel - U.S.
Raymond F. Smith - Australia
Jane Howard - U.S.
Patricia Baker - U.S.

Craig Blacklock - U.S. -  "Yes, I'm very happy to pledge to stop at our single child. We decided long before she was born, that we would only have one. This is the most loving gift we can give our daughter. If everyone would do this, she and the others of her generation would face a promising future, rather than one of certain declines in all measures of life."

Bruce Phillips - United Kingdom
Carolyn VandenDolder - U.S.
Barbara Franklin - U.S.
S. Scott Nicholas - U.S.
Marshall Carlson - U.S.
Harold Huggins - U.S.
Paula Barkmeier - U.S.
Grace Dyrud - U.S.
Nora Anderson - U.S.
Frosty Wooldridge - U.S.

Liz Todd - U.S. -  "Thank you for all you do in raising awareness to the overpopulation issue."

Edward Anderson - U.S.
Alexander Cutchey - U.S.
Katie Butcher - U.S.
Lorelei Swan - U.S.
Vernon Palm - U.S.
Dolly Coburn - U.S.
LaVonne Anderson - U.S.
Judith Kroening - U.S.
Gabe Ely - U.S.

Mark M. Giese - U.S. -  "Overpopulation is the world's biggest problem".

Colleen Ware - U.S.
Dave Gardner - U.S.

Veronica Egan - U.S. -  "This is humanity's number one issue. Nothing else will improve until we 'get it'".

John Massman - U.S.

Morgan Armitage - U.S. -  "No kids for me!"

Claire Henry - United Kingdom
Bob Petruzzi - U.S.
Priscilla Rich - U.S.
Danielle Montague-Judd - U.S.
Edmund Levering - U.S.
Bill Weir - U.S.
Richard Grossman - U.S.

Morgana Faeroe - U.S. -  "I thought this was a problem when I was a teenager 45 years ago so I chose to have my tubes tied then. People keep saying they are trying to make our world a better place for their grandchildren. Why can't they see if they don't look after it for themselves there will be no grandchildren?"

Renee Wallace - U.S.
Alex Borrell - Mexico
Charles Gessert - U.S.
David Yount - U.S.

Karion Minussi - Brazil -  "All problems start and end here: overpopulation!"

Mrinmoy Das - India -  "We should exercise this campaign to achieve a sustainable world."

Eric Koch - U.S. -  "We exist in an artificial prosperity created by mining the means to future prosperity."

Joseph Mitchener - U.S. -  "Years back, Stanford researchers estimated that the Earth could sustain over the long term only one to two billion humans at the then current European standard of living. We are more than three times over that limit now." 

Brett Cherrington - U.S. -  "While rarely mentioned, waiting as long as you are willing to have your one child (if you choose to have one), is also very important to maximize the benefit of limiting your reproduction. Wait as long as you can, but even waiting one more year makes a difference."

Jennifer Codiga - U.S.
Freya Gil - Columbia

Marcus Prometheus - Italy -  "I renounced having children in 1977 by having a vasectomy as I could not assure them a future in a world with population growing by billions."

Maria Requena - Chile
Carolina Mesa - Columbia

Danja Karenko - Finland -  "If I wanted a child, I would adopt. Just like I would never get a puppy from a breeder when the shelters are full of rescues."

Kitty Quen - U.S.
Ivvin Moran - Mexico

Alys Kennedy - U.S.  - "Given the world situation I believe it is imperative that all humans elect to limit the birth of new children.  We already have millions who have been orphaned or live in abject poverty.  Let us use our maternal/paternal instincts to care for them and limit the birth of new children - everywhere."

Ada Alvarado - Guatemala

Abigail Roberts - U.S. - "The world cannot sustain the people it has now. Everyone has to start acting responsibly."

Mario Buenfil - Mexico  -  "Congratulations to all people signing this pledge. You are brave and conscious dwellers on this overcrowded world, luckily with our example and compromise we may change things in a non-violent way. The alternative, the "Laissez-faire" option, will surely lead to violence and suffering for billions of people."

Charles Hood, Jr. - U.S.
John Lambert - United Kingdom

Stacy Portner - U.S.  - "I'm happy with my fur baby child, being an auntie to my nieces, and passing my legacy on through volunteer work to making the world a better place."

Alex Beane - U.S.
Dallas Rising - U.S.
Ferran Mir Culell - Spain
K. Schreiber - U.S.
Jose Salmeron - Brazil
Danish Parmar - Pakistan
Robin Pinegar - U.S.
Robert A. Jeffrey - United Kingdom
Peter Van Sant - U.S.

Vanessa Mattisto - Australia -  "We can do it!"

Kristin Lein -U.S.
Harriet Mitteldorf - U.S.
Cindy Kates - U.S.
Laura Carroll - U.S.
Vik Dylan - U.S.

Abdul Malik Ghauri - Pakistan -  "The only way to ensure sustainable peace is population planning."

W. Rhodes - U.S. - "Thank you for taking this head on before there is world-wide calamity, suffering, and death."

Kade Frazier - U.S.
Marcel Izeboud - Netherlands
Virginia Katz - U.S.
Andrew Mancuso - U.S.
Jonathan Waldman - U.S.
Catie Massey - U.S. 
Jon Swenson Tellekson - U.S.

Steven B. Kurtz - U.S. - "Overpopulation has been my #1 issue for over 25 years."

Daniel Stein - U.S.
Gabriel Teodor - Romania

Elizabeth Biswell - U.S. -  "The Earth cannot withstand all of us anymore. I pledge to help create a world sustainable for generations to come."

Lauda Gomez - U.S. - "May we succeed to help mother Earth and humanity together."

Monica Howanyk - U.S. 

Charlotte Davies - United Kingdom - "I have one 12 year old son, and it is wonderful.  I don't need to have any more children to have a solid, happy family."

Kylie Marchiori - U.S.  

Edith D'Angelo - U.S. - "We should think of future generations.  Anything we do now will affect the future."

Koda Windslow - U.S. 

Claudio Pestarino - Italy - "One child families can save humanity and other animal species and the global environment!" 

Jasmine Stark - U.S. 
Viktoria Lencses - New Zealand 
Jonathan Escobar - Argentina
Mario Guzman - Costa Rica
Sandra Bergland - U.S.

Michelle Greiwe - U.S. - "Parents would have much more attention to give when not divided between other siblings."

Ann Faris - U.S.
Joh Murray - Australia
Ashley Romero - U.S. 

Greg Mansfield - U.S. 

Mary Monzyk - U.S. - "Overpopulation is the cause of the frightening environmental problems we now face."

Carey Hellmers - U.S.
Dalton Neu - U.S.
Parker Hinton - U.S.
Caryn Hammond - U.S.
Silsa Gatewood - U.S.
Bryce Olson - U.S.
Dishant Shah - India
Sarah Pate - U.S.
Uriah Phillips - U.S.
Brian Toren - U.S.

Kathyrn Jean Morris - Indonesia - "We are addicted to population growth. We must change our thinking about what sustainable living really means."

Donald Offerman - U.S.
Daniel White - U.S.
Sandra Derr - U.S.
Lewis Bassett-Butt - United Kingdom
Gen Agustsson - U.S.
Kamahanalani Beck - U.S.
Trisha Rapier - U.S.

Cindy Burke - U.S. - "My husband and I are childless by choice, due to  understanding from a young age that overpopulation is the most critical problem facing humans as well as all other living entities on Earth.  We thank you for the work you are doing and hope to see a groundswell of support that reopens, on a world stage, this most necessary conversation."

Anny Martinez - U.S.

Andrea Ochmann - U.S. - "We have a responsibility to Earth and all its inhabitants to monitor our own population."

Jessica Padmanabhan - U.S.
Mitchell Garvey - Australia
Patricia Johnson - U.S.

Carolyn Sayers - U.S. - "We must wake up to this issue now!"

John England - United Kingdom
Taylor McClendon - U.S.

Cathleen Gempeler - U.S. - "I feel quite honored in my life that I did NOT have any children. So I see it from a liberating perspective now instead of feeling that it did not serve my womanhood. Thank you for all you do!"

Jake Owsley - U.S.
Barbara Nyegaard - U.S.
Nicholas St.-Onge - Canada
Tamara Sullivan - U.S.
Tammy Mccormack - U.S.
Fred Palmer - U.S.

Bedprakas Syamroy - India - "The world needs to be saved from destruction through load of human numbers"

Kristina Bryant - U.S.

Susan Peacock - U.S. - "Even as a child, it worried me that our failure to control population growth could ultimately destroy us as a species. Out of this concern for a quality of life, it seemed a moral imperative to my husband and I not to have children. We have tried to share this concern throughout our lives but it's so often seemed an isolated position. I have always been mystified at how it seemed no one else was worrying about it so thank you for the work you do!"

Molly Zupon - U.S. - "I want a world where people and animals can live well. I do sincerely believe we have an overpopulation problem and hereby swear to never have any children."

Sean Carlson - U.S.
Kristin Sells - U.S.
Eric Koch - U.S.
Dan From - Denmark
Don Kelly - U.S.
Sean McNichol - United Kingdom
Jill Jensen - U.S.
Tanja Olsen - Denmark
Krista Stone - U.S.

Claire Graham - United Kingdom - "Our planet is overpopulated and struggling with the amount of people on it. We do not need more!"

Krystal Jarvis - U.S.
Lydia Beke - Australia
Bethany Alexander - U.S.
Tiffany Morris - Australia
Aaron McConnell - Northern Ireland
Caitlin Burkhart - U.S.
Lindsey Luttrell - U.S.
Brenda Nelson - U.S.
Paige Ohmen - U.S.
Misty Johnson - U.S.
Carolyn Muse - U.S.
Linda Raimondi - Italy
Nikki Bennett - Australia
Brooke Anderson - U.S.

Deidra Tuxen - U.S. - "I have never given birth and my tubes are tied."

Holly Star - U.S.
Kaitlin Klassen - Canada
Laura Kolb - U.S.
Rachel Kayen - U.S.
Sarah Olivo - U.S.
Joseph Robson - United Kingdom
Gina De Naples - U.S.
Kayla Oliver - New Zealand
Adam Sneath - U.S.
Charlie Troy - U.S.
Dorian Lusco - U.S.

Lydia Cardona - U.S. - "When all the world's orphans are finally adopted only then should people have biological children."

Diana Harper - U.S.
April Cottrell - U.S.
Steve Williams - U.S.
Karl Burney - U.S.
Ruth Anthony-Gardner - U.S.
Megan Myers - U.S.
Johnn Escobar - Argentina
Alysia Adams - Australia
Peyton Ide - U.S.
Elley Smith - U.S.

Dayna Germani - Canada - "I pledge to do my part by someday soon getting fixed so I don't contribute to the overpopulation issue."

Ryan Prickler - U.S.

Abra Eden Larr - U.S. - "Issues like climate change and deforestation are directly linked to overpopulation. As an environmentalist I support this initiative to educate others about creating a truly sustainable Earth through a national Overpopulation Awareness campaign. I am but one though I hope one day to be one of MANY others like me who seek a brighter, more sustainable future."

Leanne Hayashi - Canada

Viswanathan Vaidyalingam - India"It is high time human beings understood that it should be populaSHUN. Clearly, we are sitting on a time bomb. And I am on a mission to create awareness among Indians now."

Leandro Coelho - Brazil
Dev Corbitt - U.S.
Satchel Joseph - U.S.
Panagiotis Nikoletopoulos -Greece

Edward Benckert - U.S."People need to see the benefits are not just sustainability but a radical rise in the quality of life for all the planet's inhabitants."

Mindy Weidner - U.S.
Ben Molesky - Canada
Molly Geissman - U.S.
Thomas McCloskey - U.S.
Navin Parti - India
Tess Roesch- U.S.

Richard Vernon - United Kingdom "My primary aspiration is to see a world where the one species whose ecological footprint on this Earth is heavier than those of all other species, comes to recognize this fact and make the changes necessary, including a significant reduction in our numbers."

Gisela Olsson - Sweden
Toni Kemp - U.S.
Garnetta Dittrich - U.S.

David Rust - U.S. "If we do not set aside our differences and solve our overpopulation problem we are doomed on planet Earth. Mankind will go the way of the dinosaur."

Riley Lewis - U.S.
Arun Isaac - India
Robert Schmitz - U.S.

Trevor Higgs - Canada "We need to wake up the rest of the world to this "bomb" so that humanity might have some type of decent future."

Poshan Li - Australia "Challenging overpopulation goes beyond caring for the planet as a human resource. It recognizes limits to our place within an ecosystem that can and should support a host of living beings."

Adam Medina - U.S.
Venk Shenoi - U.K.

Judith Suess - U.S. "I love the billfold size cards and as I distribute them the responses are very positive."

Stephen McKevitt- U.S.
Robert Sanger - U.S.

Wilbur Ince - U.S. "I care about all of us and want to raise awareness about overpopulation!"

Michelle Lyons - U.S. "I saw the issues in the country and our world and made the decision that I wasn't going to bring kids into this world. I've so wished that more felt this way."

Marika Rautiainen - Finland "Before you insist on your rights to another child to satisfy your own needs - Think! Think of the needs of the people who remain after you're gone."

Lora Smith - United Kingdom

Justice Stallman - Australia "I think this is a fantastic idea to solve overpopulation and many of our planet's environmental issues. I support this one hundred percent."

Heather Hegi - U.S.
William Little - U.S.

Deb Thompson - U.S. "Too much of anything is not good for us, and that includes children."

Debbie Lowenson - U.S.
Luke Fletcher - U.S.
Jay Hunter - U.S.

Renae Wilson - U.S. "Overpopulation is a really big problem and can be solved with a little bit of effort."

Genevra Griggs - U.K.
David Kidd - U.S.
Artis Driksna - U.K.
Johnn Escobar - Argentina
Saaketh Jasti - U.S.
Tim Robinson - U.S.
Tom Hartman - U.S.
Andre Day - Australia

Anthony Ries - Canada "Overpopulation is a serious problem and the root of almost every serious problem in this world."

Barry Goldman - Australia - "Overpopulation of humans is the planet's single most significant issue - other matters, like global warming and depleted water supplies, are merely symptoms - attempts to control them are simply bandaid solutions."

John Morris - U.S.
Michael Reese - Australia

Garrett Deletti - U.S. " Why is this not a bigger issue in politics and media, and why isn't everyone talking about this every day?"

Jeremy Johnson - U.S.
Devin Talley - U.S.

Allison Mcgee - U.S. " I love what you propose! It would give hope to our Earth, our future."

Rajan Choudhary - India
Martin Hempel - Germany
Christina Henson - U.S.
Vicki Beyerlein - U.S.
Aaron Burrows - Australia
Amber Clark - U.S.

Dennison Dolato - U.S. "Population must be reduced and I believe reason will win the day as the facts get out and enlightenment continues."

Lucas Oldham - U.K.
Max Coates - Spain
Lynn Foley - U.S.
Eric Rimmer - U.K.
Katarina Lang - U.S.
Jana Eliasson - Germany
Robert Krips - U.S.

Christina Corser - U.K. "Human overpopulation is the single greatest threat to our amazing planet."

Benny Keuning - Netherlands
Susana Sanchez - Mexico
Helen Sylvan - Sweden
Gabriele Negro - United Kingdom
Bissera Ivanova - Bulgaria
Darby Bascome - U.S.
Robin Iverson - U.S.
Jessica Lensbower - U.S.

Byrna Gallagher - U.S. "It is good for my heart to see the many names of others who also care deeply and passionately and fearlessly about Earth--who care enough, in fact to do the single most personally and ecologically impactful thing of all in its name."

Symone Saul - U.S.
Chris Tilley - South Africa

Mark Strauss - U.S. "I would love to spread the knowledge of this issue - overpopulation of the human species - which is the biggest problem facing the human race."

Holly Wojton - U.S.
Brent Will - Canada

Robert Schmitz - U.S. "Most of our sustainability concerns are directly related to overpopulation."

Sean Pefley - U.S.

Timothy Henderson - U.S. "I can't fathom how the people of this wonderful planet refuse to accept that a lot of the ecological and economic problems we endure can be greatly attributed to the population of our species."

Julia Ludwick - U.S.
Paige Summers - U.S.
James Gayhart - U.S.
Richard Monroe - U.S.

Holly Turner - U.S. "I agreed to sterilization after having only one child. The choice for me to not bring greater suffering was one of compassionate sacrifice."

Deez Nurtz - U.S.
Jim Bastian - U.S.
Elaine Winter - U.S.
Ann Schley - U.S.
Mark Blondeau - Canada

Maryann Balish - U.S. "We all need to work together to stop the world's largest problem - OVERPOPULATION."

Gene Cook - U.S. - "I'm 72 years old and have seen the world population increase by a factor of 3 in my lifetime. Our planet cannot long sustain that number of human beings."

Ana Knezevich - U.S.
Karen Flower - United Kingdom

Sju Georgine Thorup - Denmark "We must help each other get this important message out for the sake of a healthy and happy humanity."

Ana Knezevich - U.S.
Nigel Theobald - United Kingdom
Andrea Rogers - U.S.
Kaden Griffith - Germany
Ted Duepner - U.S.
David Trauger - U.S.

Jayram Govindarajan - India "Water and air are fundamental to healthy living. Overpopulation will make it very difficult to administer resources, safety, and education for the masses of people."

Kirsten Stade - U.S. "Unsustainable human population growth underlies every existential threat looming against our planet and human civilization, from climate change to the biodiversity crisis to spreading desertification, water shortages, the refugee crisis and Islamic extremism. As an environmental and peace activist, it would be hypocritical for me to have a child."

Kristie Metzger - U.S. Sara Dastoum - France

Jason Gordon - U.S. "The rate of poverty, social equity depletion, environmental degradation, and a decrease in resources all rise as a function of increases in population size."

Diane McMahon - U.S.
James Deacon - United Kingdom
Victoria Raines - U.S.
Bryan Godfrey - U.K.
Adam Ballou - U.S.

Ronald Clark - U.S. "Too many people use the word 'diversity' only in reference to different races, ethnicities, and cultures, but what of nonhuman species that are facing a wave of extinction?"

Wendy Dugmore - Australia
Helen Sylvan - Sweden

Mary Cavanaugh - Canada "Overpopulation of the world is the single reason I chose not to have children 35 years ago!"

Paula Dugmore - Australia
Reinhold Probst - U.S.
Oscar Roman - U.S.

Carol Mckinlay - United Kingdom "We must do more to promote having one child in a positive way and to speak out. The more we speak about it the more acceptable it will become and this will lead to increased awareness of the problem."

Stewart Negus - Australia "In my lifetime I have witnessed Australia's population double."

Rebecca Fraenkel - U.S.
Warren High - U.S.
Randi Fitch - U.S.
Otto Schuetz - U.S.
Kirby Elmore - U.S.
Stephen Odlum - Australia
Claudia Emmons - U.S.
Eugene Mioletti - U.S.

Valerie Stevens - United Kingdom "Since 1970 I have worked in organizations that campaigned on the environment and in those speaking out about overpopulation. I became Chair of Population Matters (UK), formerly Optimum Population Trust, from 2005 to 2009. But it is still a massive struggle to convince people - especially Greens!"

Linda Killander- Sweden "Let us do this together! We have the power to change the world!"

Alvin Tang - Malaysia
Vanessa Moo - Malaysia
Matthew Scott - Australia
Robert Kaufman - U.S.
Craig Cristenson - U.S.
Sarah McIntyre - U.S.

Brandy Pelosi - U.S. "My husband and I pledge to not have children and continue to spread overpopulation awareness."

Dallas Jarvis - U.S.

Buzz Marcus - U.S. "Overpopulation and unmitigated consumption are driving life on our tiny planet to the brink of extinction."

Stojan Germani - Italy "Wars should never be a system to reduce the population. The growth should be controlled by a logical thought and not by blood and crying!"

Barbara Ward - Australia "This problem is urgent and needs a global solution. A humane solution is better than the age-old one that involves disease, violence, wars, famine or migration (which just moves the problem onto someone else's territory)."

Joseph Mitchener - U.S.

Jean Richards - U.S. "Childfree adults are heroes. They conserve more resources than any recycling ever will."

Corey Mueske - U.S. "Our future disasters will come from us having blinders on to the dangers of overpopulation unless we can counteract the negative and reduce our birth-rates to be below our death-rates humanely."

William Blake - United Kingdom
Britta Krause - U.S.
Susan Mcdonald - U.S.
Jackson Buraczewski - U.S.
Bassim Mahmoud - Lebanon
Susan Fairweather - United Kingdom
Rebecca Hessel - Sweden
Trisha France - U.S.

Jenny Kirchner - Fiji"The world depends on less people for survival."

Hans De Groot - Netherlands
Damian Tapia - U.S.

Julie Joynt - U.S."When I was very young, first year in high-school in Ireland, I decided not to have children, noticing that there seemed to be too many people already in the world and so many of them starved for nourishment and love."

Maria Victoria Casares - Argentina
Kendrick Cisneros - U.S.
Albert Rich - U.S.
Angelo Gross - Germany

Iwona Smyk - United Kingdom"We all need to start acting responsibly. I am trying to do all I can to make a difference by planning my future in conservation, by being vegan and yes, by not contributing to the world overpopulation problem."

Erica Kolhoff - U.S.
Aleea Evangelista - U.S.
Alizae Rodriguez - U.S.
Alex Lopez - U.S.

Phillip Munson - U.S."This is the most urgent problem we face. This should not be a taboo topic."

Martin Glenton - England
Neil Sauter - U.S.
Chris Bystroff - U.S.

Jan Mulder - Netherlands - "I truly hope that we all can succeed in stopping overpopulation.We must!"

Deb Thompson - U.S. - "I believe that our beautiful environment and the other species who inhabit it with us, will be irreparably destroyed if we continue to selfishly and mindlessly reproduce."

Kayla Zirpel-Proctor - U.S. - "There are so many children in the world that need good adopted homes that in my opinion it is unethical to add another human to this planet without taking care of the ones existing on this planet already."

Praveen Krish - India
Richard McManus - U.S.
Michael Lee - U.S.
Ivan Cicin- Sain - United Kingdom

Sabrina Reiniger - Germany - "The earth needs room to breathe and other species deserve to thrive as much as we do. I want to give life that chance by remaining childfree as I happily take care of my cats, my partner, family, friends and community and try to live as sustainably as possible."

Robert Hanna - U.S.
Richard Elrick - U.S.
Jackson Clarke - Australia

Scott Davie - Canada - "Contraception, including voluntary sterilization, needs to be made more available."

Alan Bankes - Canada
Whitney Rawls - U.S.
Tricia Burke - U.S.

Jennifer Cutting - U.S. - "I had myself voluntarily sterilized before having any children. It's the only responsible thing to do!"

Louise Solari - Spain
Leslie Folwell - United Kingdom
Allan White - U.S.
Everett Anderson - U.S.
Harry Haines - United Kingdom
John Schultz - U.S.

Kate Shepherd - Canada - " I agree that all global citizens need to understand population ramifications and galvanize our efforts to conserve, innovate, and practice restraint in our choices; not in order to live a stringent, lean existence, but rather to enjoy a balanced, joyful and productive life in partnership with all life on our planet."

Herbert Drower - U.S.
Katie Dod - Australia

April Mckenzie - Canada - "Choosing not to bear a child does not mean you don't get to have a family. It means you are giving a better quality of life and a greater chance of future wellbeing to all those children surrounding you that you have accepted as family."

Ward Moroz - Canada

Crystal Peters - Canada - "I want to see future generations have a good life with plenty of space, nature, fresh air and water; a good future. I want wild animals to have habitat for their own families, to share the world generously with them. World Population Balance gives hope for the planet and for future generations. There is a solution."

Samantha Rixon - Australia
Anthony Day - Australia
Peter Ip - U.S.
Nicole Binder - U.S.
Brett Cherrington - U.S.
Katy Williams - South Africa

Jean Lee - U.S. - "This is the MOST important issue of our time. Hopefully the message can be spread and people can get on board with it. We can make the right choice NOW, or it will be made for us by nature."

Sheila Dashnaw - U.S.
Julie Frey - Denmark
Michele Carmichael - Australia
Teddy Khteian-Keeton - U.S.
Steve Mohler - U.S.
Judy Mohler - U.S.
Ariel Schwab - U.S.
Lisa Cederlilja - Sweden
Vidar Gunstevdt - Norway

David Fontaine - U.S. - "This is very important work. I believe the sustainable population is under one billion. Keep up the good work!"

Margaret Wyganowska - Australia
Terry Pyle - United Kingdom
Juan Manuel Velasquez Alvarez - Columbia
Deborah Tessman-McKenna - U.S.

Samantha Murphy - U.S. - " Not only do I plan on not having any biological children, I plan on adopting neglected children."

Mark Churchill - U.S. - "Thank you for having the courage to say what our "leaders" will not."

Cassandra Calling - United Kingdom - "Any attempt to encourage others to have smaller families is met with abuse, however gently or politely expressed. But I refuse to quit! Because it matters more than anything else. And I mean, anything else at all."

Teo Golja - Slovenia
Wendy Dugmore - Australia

Christian Roehr - U.S. - "Thank you for being a precious ever more needed voice that speaks up on this issue without fear and with clarity."

Steve Clark - U.S.
Skyler Freeman - Canada
Jon Gibb - Australia

Lorne Mossman- U.S. - "Simple things, individuals do, that cause world problems are multiplied to extremes because the world population is out of control."

Lily Espitia - U.S.
Jacob Bennett - Canada
João Abegão - Portugal

Daniel Jost - Switzerland - "I'm 37 and I had a vasectomy last year, so this is more than just a pledge."

Josefina Wickström - Sweden

Barbara Chinn - United Kingdom - "Over the years I've seen the carnage and devastation humanity is subjecting our beautiful world to so chose not to have children...the longer I live the more pleased I am with my decision."

Sandra Kass - Australia
Lee Pitts - United Kingdom
Celia Bourne - United Kingdom
Rob Harvey - Spain

Richard Parncutt - Austria - "Nothing is more valuable than children. For their sake we need fewer!"

Betty Orrin - United Kingdom
Tegan Dennjen - Australia
Carol McKinlay - United Kingdom

Christoper Padley - United Kingdom - "This is an important initiative, in fact the most important one of all."

Diana Keller - Norway
Richard Beauchamp - United Kingdom
Helen Sylvan - Sweden
Izabela Holospin - Canada
Mariana Garcia Solana - Mexico

Kisok Jung - South Korea - "Your work on world population matters is great!"

Rodrigo Vidal - Equador
Jeremy Randles - Wales

Sandra Martinez- U.S. - "People need to stop thinking about their own Wants and take a look at what is happening to the Earth around them: The only Earth we have and the one WE ALL share."

Eva Mendoza - U.S.
Shaun Steiner-Goldberg - United Kingdom
David Sanderson - United Kingdom
Helen O'Connell - United Kingdom

Tony Gilkerson - U.S. - "I hope that more people will discover that the best course of action for us is to reduce our numbers."

Frank Snapp - U.S.
Ivan Cicin-Sain - United Kingdom
Laura Janisieski - U.S.
Carina Grace Behan - Ireland

Joanna Scanlan - U.K. - "My family line dies out with me but I still want to save this planet and all the other animals and life that is dependent upon it, because this world and everything that is part of it is amazing and too special to be ruined by us humans."

Perias Pillay - U.S.
Aro Love - Australia
Joanne Cockerill - Australia
Alexander Hay-Whitton - Thailand
Matt Doxsey - U.S.
Dion Trevarthen - United Kingdom

Frik Linde - South Africa - "Overpopulation is the major problem facing humanity."

Tymber O'Neal - U.S.
Diego Sogorb - U.S.
Alex Waits - Israel
Debby Chandler - U.S.
Tauqeer Alam - India

Arko Bose - India - "Human Overpopulation is the single root cause of every other issue or problem that plagues the planet. We are nothing without the planet and all the living beings and natural non-living things that exist here."

Fiona Barbolak - U.S.
Samarra McErvale - Australia
Robert Deschene - U.S.
Fiona Barbolak - U.S.
Leon Mccance - Spain

Steve Salmony - U.S. - "As enormous as the current, visible threats of nuclear war and climate destabilization are to future human well being and environmental health, we could "solve" these problems and a problem the size of a tsunami, one that dwarfs both climate change and nuclear conflagration, would still remain for the family of humanity to acknowledge, address and overcome:OVERPOPULATION!"

Natalya Koltsova - Russia
Simon Sobrero - United Kingdom
Luis Zardo - Brazil

Marcus Dredge - United Kingdom - "Given the many predicaments humans are driving (runaway climate change, increased farmed animal exploitation, Sixth Great Extinction event, ever earlier ecological overshoot, etc.) I don’t wish to add to the daily 400,000 births nor make the potential new human suffer."

Nicolaj Ortmeyer - Denmark
Craig Hollingsworth - U.S.
Simon Sobrero - United Kingdom
Andrea Shapley - U.S.
Ruslan Abbasov - Azerbaijan

Rosie Wood - United Kingdom - "Every child deserves to be healthy, safe and happy. Easier when each child is planned and wanted - and that means all nations having fewer of them."

Leland Brun - U.S.
Sabrina Ortiz - U.S.
Raekwon Madden - U.S.

Adrian Hill - United Kingdom - "ALL governments have been and are guilty of 'Crimes Against Humanity' for not highlighting the dangers of overpopulation."

Alice Fedor - U.S.
Rebecca Cameron - U.S.
Christy Ervin - U.S.

Alexis Watie - U.S. - "By refusing to have a child, I’m preventing 9,500 new tons of CO2 per year from entering the atmosphere."

Tina Horowitz - U.S.
Daniela Bier - Germany
Myriam Pelkmans - Netherlands
Quintijn Hoogenboom - Netherlands
Kristjan Fenrir Sigurdarson - Netherlands

Chelsea Reidhaar - U.S. - "When asked why I don't want kids by other women who have them, I like to answer, "By my choice to not reproduce, I'm leaving more resources for your kids to consume when they become severely limited. They tend to stop asking after that, and some thank me."

Elizabeth Lee - United Kingdom
Stuart Thrupp - Australia
Sju G. Thorup - Denmark
Laura Oken - Denmark
Sarah Amos - United Kingdom

Ilkka Tyrskyluoto - Finland - "Everyone who truly, deeply loves children and the environment simply cannot bring themselves to have any. I am one of those people."

Julia Kirsan - Russian Federation
Laura Badaro - Brazil
Paige Bentley - United Kingdom

Colin Fanstone - United Kingdom - "In my lifetime the world population has tripled, this is clearly not sustainable. Any increase is not sustainable because even slow growth would end with the same result in the end."

Crystal Hunter - U.S.
Stephanie C. Fox - U.S.
Sergey Rogozinskiy - Russia
Justin Kent - United Kingdom
Jordan Dunn - United Kingdom
Michelle Wells - U.S.
Alice Hayward - Australia
Olga Tylova - Czech Republic
Thomas Brinkman - U.S.
Ben Turnbull - United Kingdom

Arthur Charette - Canada - "We are depleting our children's future."

Melody Modica - U.S.
Darapaneni Vinay Choudary - India
Sara Yang - U.S.
Tasnim Tabassum Khan Autry - Bangladesh
Tracy Allard - Canada

Lynn Rowan - U.S. - "The greatest negative impact anyone can have to the survival of wildlife is to have a child."

Abdul Malik - Pakistan
Allie Bannister - United Kingdom
Myron Hill - U.S.
Ko Stears - U.S.
Matthew Schaut - U.S.

Tisha Mayer - U.S. - "This is the true problem which all countries need to address. We need to get the word out!"

Richard Horner - United Kingdom - "Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more podcasts! Hopefully we can get this subject mainstream soon."

Andrew Costello - U.S. - "I am so happy that I am not the only one who wants to save the world from overpopulation."

Treyvon Nelson - U.S.
Peter Lynch - Australia
Jonna Curtiss - U.S.

Robin Reindle - U.S. - "Having one or no children is the only sensible solution to our environmental crisis. It will cause the least suffering of any of the other possibilities including war, famine, poisoning ourselves and every other living creature by fouling our nest. Please make the pledge!"

Juan Manuel Velasquez Alvarez - Columbia - "Thanks, thanks, thanks for all your efforts to improve the world."

Sam Hayle - United Kingdom - "People need to wake up. Overpopulation is linked to most of the world's problems right now, and if we don’t act now there could be dire consequences. But with your support we can make a difference."

Constance Zimmerman - China - "We need to save the planet today."

Anita Dumitrescu - Germany - "We are rapidly turning Earth into a barren planet like Mars. Who gave us the rights to destroy every other living being?"

Sydney Scott - U.S.
Fred Gunter - U.S.
Hannah Cobbett - France
Brigitte Kreigenhofer - New Zealand

Ripu Sudan - India - "Our new slogan One Child One Family. We have to implement this in every family of the world."

Mark M. Giese - U.S.
Laura Plitt - U.S.

Cecily Westermann - U.S. - "One-child America."

Molly Munn - U.S.
Nicola Murray - United Kingdom
Aimee Johnson - U.S.
Angela Mariaco - Switzerland
Nicole Hornback - U.S.
Susan Colwell - U.S.
Peter Queal - U.S.

Richard Vernon - United Kingdom - "My late wife (married 44 years) and I had only one child, a son. We reached this decision while working in sub-Saharan Africa, she as a Health Visitor, me as an agricultural researcher. We both saw the adverse effects of over-population in our work."

Bobby Garrity - U.S. - "Reducing our population is a way that we can not only survive, but also live wonderful lives!"

Zoe Overholt - U.S.

Angie Turnbull - U.S. - "I hope that people become more educated on this topic and make the educated decision to have one or no children."

Jojo Carter - United Kingdom
Jenn Chong - Malaysia
Esteban Quintero - Columbia
Julian Paval - Romania
April McKenzie - Canada

Alan Bankes - U.S. - "Just imagine how much nicer the world would be with no pollution, enough water, comfortable standard of living, no climate change, breathable air, clean oceans, no overcrowding, plentiful forests, sustainable wildlife populations, beautiful landscapes, no traffic jams, no fighting, etc. All this would be possible with a lot fewer people."

Elena Albrecht - France
Janine Bjorkman - U.S.

Molly Riggleman - U.S. - "I am a high school student currently in environmental studies. I always knew overpopulation was a problem but I never realized just how quickly it can end the world. At least by signing this pledge I know I can do my part."

Thomas Loos - Ireland
Brian Rimlinger - U.S.

Anastasia Polubotko - Sweden - "Growth is no longer only good. We as a society have to rethink the way we are used to living."

Ludwig Odman - Sweden
Brigitte Yordan - Columbia

Kokkirimetla SR Krishna - India - "One of the most alarming situations in countries, continents, and the world is overpopulation."

Pattabi Vijayalakshmi - India
Siva Kiran - India
Vinay Dalapathirao - India
Akhil Maddipudi - India
Venkatesh Bitra - India
Anudeep Kumar - India
David Lewis - U.S.
Patricia Land - U.S.

Olivia Beauford - U.S. - "I will do my part because overpopulation is the responsibility of everyone and we must work together to solve this crisis, a crisis that is creating a poor quality of life for the entire planet."

Terry Monroe - U.S.
April Turner - U.K.
Maruthi Singulari - India

John Carroll - U.S. - "It is not about race, creed, color or origin. It is about the numbers. It's about sustainability."

John Paul Delano-Frier - Mexico
Crystal Peters - Canada

Elisabeth Dimitras - Greece - "Having kids is a selfish choice. If someone wants to become a parent, then, there are so many kids out there waiting to be adopted. Please don't procreate!"