World Population Balance Boards and Staff

Board Of Advisors

George Archibald
        Co-Founder, International Crane Foundation
David Bengston
        Ecological Economist and Adjunct Professor, University of Minnesota
Thomas Breckenridge
        Financial advisor and concerned grandfather
Dr. Vijoya Dasgupta, M.D. 
        Physician, State of Wisconsin
Lowell Erdahl
        Bishop, St. Paul Area Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (retired)
Richard Flint
        Attorney and conservationist
Richard Grossman, M.D.
        Practicing obstetrician and gynecologist
Thomas Hale, M.D.
        Author and medical missionary in Nepal
Jim Klobuchar
        Writer, author and adventurer
Camilo Mora
        Professor of Geography, University of Hawaii, Manoa
Alexandra Paul
        Actress and sustainable population advocate
Karen Shragg
        Environmentalist, naturalist, and author
Dick Smith
        Australian businessman, philanthropist, and sustainable population advocate
Liz Todd
        Concerned citizen
David L. Trauger
        Ecologist, and Professor Emeritus, Virginia Tech
Charles A. Weinstein
        Director of the Hill Center for Ethical Business Leadership

Former Advisory Board Members

Alan Anderson
        President, Anderson's China Shop 
Albert A. Bartlett
        Professor Emeritus of Physics, University of Colorado
Roger Bengston
        Businessman and historian
Norman Borlaug
        Nobel Peace Prize laureate and "father" of Green Revolution
Nina Leopold Bradley
        Director, Aldo Leopold Foundation
Walter Breckenridge
        Professor and Director of the Bell Museum of Natural History, University of Minnesota
Tessa Bridal
        Businesswoman and author
Ulf S. H. Christiansen
        Norwegian Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates
John B. Davis
        Former college president and school superintendent
Gwen Frostic
        Poet, naturalist, printmaker and publisher
Greg Krueger
        Assistant Professor of Education, Augsburg College
Hugh Iltis
        Renowned botanist, conservationist and early proponent of population reduction
Sister Marlys Jax
        Assisi Heights Catholic Community
Ed McGaa, Eagle Man
        Oglala Sioux lawyer, writer, and lecturer
William G. Milliken
       Former Governor, State of Michigan
George Pillsbury
        Retired businessman and former Minnesota state senator
Father Tim Power
        Pastor, Pax Christie Catholic Community 
Gretchen Quie
        Former First Lady, State of Minnesota
Arthur Rouner
        Senior Minister Emeritus, Colonial Church of Edina
        United Church of Christ
Sister Mary Zirbes
        Field of Social Justice

Board of Directors

Craig Blacklock
        Nature photographer and videographer
Lukas Eddy
        Registered nurse and environmentalist
Suhei Eddy
        Commmunity relations specialist and environmentalist
Barbara Franklin
        Librarian and environmentalist
Edmund Levering
        Environmentalist, peace and justice activist
Ashleigh Moody
        Sales and marketing specialist
Florde Ward
        Banker (retired), humanitarian and environmental activist


Dave Gardner, Executive Director

Dave Gardner

Dave is director of the documentary, GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth. Having produced films for PBS and dozens of Fortune 500 companies during a long career as a professional filmmaker, Dave now focuses his communication skills on helping our modern, growth-addicted society rediscover what really matters in life. He comments on the media at, speaks regularly on college campuses and to other groups, does media interviews, produces short films, and hosts the nationally syndicated radio series, Conversation Earth.


Joan Philips, Office Manager

image of office manager Joan PhillipsJoan can recall being concerned about overpopulation as a young child, when world population was only 3 billion. She was taught by her Catholic parents to care about others and help the needy. It became readily apparent to her that we would never be able to help all of the needy if population continued to grow. Before going into semi-retirement in 2013, she worked as a programmer and in tech support. She's excited to be part of the WPB team and working on this vital cause.


Alan Ware, Research, Writing, Speaking

Alan assists with website research, newsletter writing, social media, and public presentations.  He understands the crucial role that population balance must play in creating a more sustainable future.  In addition to population issues, he follows the unfolding and intertwined financial, energy, and environmental crises and the broader predicament they point to: the impossibility of infinite growth on a finite planet.


Carolyn Sherer VandenDolder, Special Projects

Carolyn assists with writing, special projects, events, and public presentations. A peace and social justice activist since young adulthood, she now understands how population exacerbates virtually all other problems facing our modern society and is the root of many of them. She is delighted to be working on such a vital issue and to be associated with such dedicated, gifted people.


Suhei Eddy, Social Media Assistant

Suhei designs informative, educational graphics for WPB and also partners with other groups on social media to spread overpopulation awareness, including in Latin America. Before coming to World Population Balance, Suhei worked with Amigos de Sian Ka'an (one of the largest environmental NGOs in her native Mexico), and CONAF, the National Forest Corporation of Chile. Seeing both organizations suffer environmental losses from growing populations, she decided to come tackle the cause, instead of just the symptoms, of so many environmental problems by joining World Population Balance.


Jem Randles, Fellow

Jem's eyes were opened to the impact of numbers by Al Bartlett's 'Exponential Function' lecture. He worked for UK charity, Population Matters, in a volunteer capacity for 5 years. Jem is joint editor of WPB's 'Ending Overshoot' publication and manages WPB's social media. A Chartered Engineer, Jem describes himself as "retired early from corporate life" to "farm for wildlife" on his 12 acres on the west Wales coast. He also volunteers for Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre, on surveys and data.


David Paxson, President Emeritus

David Paxson

David Paxson is a national leader on the sustainable population issue. He has participated at international meetings - including the United Nations Population Conference in Egypt - and has spoken to groups across the United States.

He graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Economics and a concentration in Environmental Education and Policy. He worked at the Center for Population Studies at the University of Minnesota.

In 1991 David retired from the financial field and founded World Population Balance. Some members are strongly pro-life and others are pro-choice. They have respectfully agreed to disagree about the very difficult issue of abortion in order to focus time and energy on the critical issue of balancing  human numbers with finite and declining vital resources.

Past and present members of the World Population Balance Board of Advisors include: Dr. Norman Borlaug, Nobel Peace laureate and "father" of The Green Revolution; Sister Mary Zirbes ("zur-bees"), retired from the Office of Social Justice of the Archdiocese of Minneapolis and St. Paul; Dr. Tom Hale, medical missionary in Nepal since 1970, and William Milliken, former Governor of Michigan.

David has spoken to over one hundred Rotary clubs and is a life member of the Rotarian Action Group on Population & Development where Rotarians promote population awareness and organize World Community Service projects that include family planning and sustainable population. He has made two trips with club members to South America to work on humanitarian service projects. He also participated in a joint Rotary and United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) conference in New York.

David is hopeful. He believes that as people learn the realities about our overpopulation crisis relative to Earth's declining vital resources, they will move toward a truly sustainable global and national population.