World Population Balance Speakers

World Population Balance speakers are available to give presentations, workshops, and media interviews anywhere in the country.

If you would like to help your community learn about sustainable population by taking advantage of our speakers, please contact us to arrange a live presentation, workshop or telephone interviews with your local media -- radio, TV or newspaper.

What We Say

The following are some of the major concepts we cover in our presentations.

  1. The basic demographic facts about overpopulation:
    1. We number more than 7 billion worldwide, having doubled in less than 45 years and quadrupled in less than a century.
    2. Populations grow "exponentially," which means they double in a regular period of time.
    3. Currently, we add more than two people every second, net gain (births minus deaths).
    4. Carrying capacity: Our planet cannot support the existing population at our current standard of living, so continued population growth will only make problems worse.
    5. The United States is the fastest-growing developed nation and has by far the largest environmental impact.
  2. The fundamental relationship between population growth and all other major issues:
    1. Famine and poverty in the developing nations is largely due to rapid growth rates.
    2. Natural resources are being depleted and polluted due to increasing consumption, so that more people are suffering now than ever before in history.
    3. Suburban sprawl and traffic congestion in the U.S. are due to population growth and increased consumption.
    4. Whatever your cause, it is a lost cause without population stabilization.
    5. The economy depends on the environment, not vice versa.
    6. Can you think of any meaningful benefit to increasing population?
  3. What can individuals do to help stop these destructive and unsustainable activity?
    1. Commit to learning more and remaining active in the issue.
    2. Join and support organizations that focus on the issue.
    3. Encourage the media to cover population as an ongoing story or as a theme in other stories.
    4. Promote general awareness about the issue.
  4. We have the technology and knowledge to solve this problem. What we lack is the political will.

Teachers who attend our educator workshops will receive hands-on lesson materials so that they can easily begin teaching these concepts in the classroom.

"My primary focus as a speaker is to convince people that population growth is one of the most serious -- if not the primary -- problem in the world, the nation, the state, and their community. All these places are being affected by increasing human numbers. My three main concerns are: (1) the quality of human life, (2) the welfare of plant and animal species, and (3) maintaining the planet's other vital resources."

--Frank Babka, Public Educator, World Population Balance

As well as speaking with students throughout the country, we conduct teacher in-service workshops that include many age-appropriate lessons about the population issue. If you are an educator or would like to help arrange a teacher in-service, please contact us.