World Population Balance Newsletters

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Fall, 2017.

Real Progress in Campaign for Sustainable Family Size
Join Us for World Overpopulation Weekend
Making the Ethical Case for Small Families
Cartoon Contest Grand Prize Winner
WPB Sponsors Karen Shragg in China Trip

Spring, 2017.

Technology a Dangerous Bet
Technological Progress is Slowing?! What Every Overpopulation Activist Needs to Know
One Planet One Child Video Gets an Update
Listen to the Lastest Overpopulation Podcasts
Meet-up with Fellow Overpopulation Activists

Fall, 2016.

Founder and President David Paxson Retires
David Paxson Pioneered Overpopulation Messaging
You're Invited to the Solve World Overpopulation Potluck
Tributes from Staff to an Overpopulation Pioneer
Thanks and Memories from Members of the Board of Directors
Regarding Population Messaging, Exactly What's the Problem: Growth or Overpopulation?

Spring, 2016.

Karen Shragg Challenges Everyone to "Move Upstream"
Overpopulation Podcast Reaches Listeners All Over the World!
WPB to Increase Presentations with New Speakers Bureau
Website Visitors over 250,000!
Exciting Film Promises Greatest Hope
Scientists and Journalists Fiddle Downstream

Summer, 2015. View pages 4 and 5 separately: Solving Overpopulation

Overpopulation Truth on the Air
The Sustainable Population Pledge is Global!
Exciting Partnership!
WPB Helps Publish and Promote Man Swarm
Overpopulation and the Limits of Non-Renewable Resources
Get a Copy of Over to Share with Others
Get Your "Solving Overpopulation" Cards!
UN Overlooks Overpopulation as Root Cause of Soil Degradation
Move Upstream:A Call to Solve Overpopulation

Spring, 2014

Sustainable Population Pledge Can Save Humanity
Our Unique Message
Why a Sustainable Population Pledge?
Promote Our Sustainable Population Pledge
Debunking the Top 4 Myths About the State of Our World
Fruitful and Multiplying - Major Art Exhibition
The Oil Age in Two Lifetimes

Winter, 2013

Become Overpopulation Literate and Take Action
Join Us in January for Info Session about Our Population Activist Workshop
Money Manager Warns of Declining Resources
Vision, Hope, and Action
Was JFK Overpopulation Literate?
Nixon Highly Concerned about Overpopulation
Re-Examining Our Approach to Ecology
Pakistani Official Urges One-Child Families
Our Gala a Great Success!

Spring, 2012

UN: World lacks enough food, fuel as population soars
What You Can Do to Work on the Overpopulation CRISIS
Best Short Overpopulation Video
WPB Member Promotes One-Child Families
We Must Have Hope
Man Swarm and the Killing of Wildlife
Population Bomb: 9 Billion march to WWIII
Public Radio Initiative
Being Fruitful Without Multiplying
Growthbusters: Hooked on Growth

Fall, 2010

WPB's Public TV Spot
Treading on a Taboo
Addressing the Big Issue
Bartlett's Lifetime of Population Education
Population Potlucks
Win $1,000,000 and Help Save the World
WPB Partnering to Co-Produce Hooked on Growth Film

August, 2009

6.7 Billion overconsume by 30%
Your Support is Critical!
Live Radio Interviews
Cyclist Finds Our Web Site
Weinstein Joins Advisory Board
Teens Learn and Take Action
A Compelling Web Site
Economic Irony, Limits, and the Durable Community
Spotlight on Alan Anderson
Global Biocapacity and Ecological Footprint
Film Review: Documentary "Blind Spot" Explores Crucial Issues
Too Many People in the Most Beautiful Canyon


July, 2008
"Thanks, Kevin!", "Our Latest Ad", "Your Support Is Needed, Your Support Is Vital, Your Support Is Crucial", "David Bacon: The Population Bubble", "Hold Their Feet to the Fire", "Malthus Over A 270 Year Perspective", "How to gauge global success: Do the math", "Colby Chairs Board", "Rising food prices starve charities", "Donate Your Vehicle to World Population Balance!"
August, 2007
"Exciting New Ad Campaign", "Help Save Us Money: Renew Your Membership Today", "Current Population is 3x Sustainable Level", "David, how do you keep going?", "You Can Help Us Grow", "Babka Reaches 80,000", "Confronting the Twenty-First Century’s Hidden Crisis: Reducing Human Numbers by 80%", "Impact of Population Growth on U.S. Democracy – A Quiz", "What is Ecological Footprint and Why Should I Care?"
December, 2006
"Here's a PAT Answer: Why Reducing Consumption Is Not Enough," "Getting Your Letters Published," "Matching Grant Goes Down to the Wire," "A Long Tradition: Denying Our Future," "Some Just Don't Get It," "Book Review: Collapse," "Balancing Fertility Rates with Resources," "An Easy Way to Donate"
October, 2006
"Radio Raises Awareness", "U.S. Reaching 300 Million", "New Members Can Double Their Donation", "She Has Her Priorities Right", "Are We Heading for 'Collapse'?", "Reflections on Earth Day 2006", "Global Climate Change", "Shragg Joins Board", "
April, 2006
"The Costliest War of All Time," "Plan B 2.0," "Volunteers Needed," "Students Thank Frank Babka," "Made $10,000 Match", ",Current Population"
November, 2005
"Public Radio is Spreading our Message," "Racing to Meet the Challenge," "My Year of Challenges," "Carolyn VandenDolder: Our Office Administrator Extraordinaire!," "Shop4Zero," "UN Report: Rising Population Threatens Security," "World Population Balance Board Honors Babka," "Untangling our Tangled Web(site)," "Current Population"
March, 2005
Articles: "$HOP for ZERO: Earn Cash Shopping and Help Us, Too," "Generous Grant Awarded by The Minneapolis Foundation," "'Outgrowing the Earth' -- Well Worth Reading!" "Roger Bengston -- A Man of Influence," "Your $upport Makes It Happen!" "Quotes from an Incredible Visionary," "What College Students Are Saying . . ." "With Appreciation," "Current Population."
November, 2004
Articles: "Vote ... Twice," "Thank you," "China Facing Environmental 'Crisis' ," "The Party's Over - a Must Read," "newsletter Editor Needed," "Student Reactions"
January, 2004
Articles: "Egyptian President Blames Rapid Population Growth," "Lester Brown Offers Solutions," "Challenge Match Successful!" "From the President" by David Paxson, "Please Renew Your Membership," "Population Video Still Available," "Study: Process of Stabilizing U.S. Population would Benefit Society," "Sparing Nature will Exceed all your Expectations," "Current Population."
August, 2003
Articles: "Babka Attends United Nations Awards Ceremony," "Challenge Match Update," "What They're Saying About Our Talks," "From the President:" by David Paxson, "Family of Woman Exhibit," "State of World Population Report Released," "Visualizing Large Numbers," "Current Population."
February, 2003
Articles: "Ecological Footprint Fills Science Museum," "Challenge Match Update," "From the President:" by David Paxson, "Brochures, Logo, and Letterhead," "Office Administrator," "Minnesota Video Now Available," "Breck Reaches 100!" "Current Population."
September, 2002
Articles: "Bicycle Tour Nets Media Attention for Biggest Story in History" by Ben Stallings, "Double Your Gift to W.P.B.," "Population Conference Oct. 25-26," "From the President:" by David Paxson, "World Population Awareness Week October 20-26, 2002," "Current Population," "Mobility Study Documents Cost of Population Growth," "Human Footprint 20% Too Large," "New Minnesota Video."
June, 2002
Articles: "Scruggs Speaks on Challenges Ahead," "Awareness Campaign via Mass Media," "From the President," "Public Radio and Television Member Project," "Thanks to Advisory Board Members."
April, 2002
Articles: "Scruggs to be World Population Balance Lectures Speaker May 7th," "Burke Lecture a Success," "Help Needed," "From the President," "Why I'm Optimistic About Population Stabilization," "Public Radio and TV Members!" "Stallings to Tour Minnesota, Iowa," "Volunteer Opportunities," "Office Space Needed."
January, 2002
Articles: "World Population Balance Launches Lecture Series," "Burke to Speak in February," "From the President," "Open Meeting for Members February 11," "United Nations Releases The State of World Population 2001, " "About Ecological Footprints."
Autumn, 2001
Articles: "World Population Awareness Week," "Help Make World Population Balance Self-Sustaining," "From the President," "Bradley Joins Advisory Board," "In Memoriam: Bill Nord," "Become a Public Speaker," "Help Spread the Word."
Summer, 2001
Articles: "World Population Awareness Week," "Welcome to Advisory Board," "Learn to Think Environmentally with Book by Lester Milbrath," "From the President," "Earth Odyssey reviewed by Ben Stallings," "Babka Crosses Borders," "Active Members," "Population and Environment Index."
Spring, 2001
Articles: "Spotlight: U.S. Population Growth," "Stallings Joins Staff," "Highlights of Fall Conference," "From the President," "We Rely on Your Support."
Summer, 2000
Articles: "Fall Conference - October 21, 2000," "Pimentel Keynotes Conference," "Hempel Featured at Conference," "The World is Shared with Many Others" by Marilyn Hempel, "Minneapolis Foundation Awards Grant," "Publicity Needed," "Paid Staff Position," "Tax-Deductible Equipment Donations," "Meeting with Dr. Jane Goodall," "13,000 Students Learn about Population" by Frank Babka.
Summer, 1999
Articles: "Fall Conference - October 16," "Bartlett to Speak at Conference," "School Education Project," "Educating the Next Generation"
Summer, 1997
Articles: "Food Summit Ends: High on Hopes but Low on Probable Results" by Roger Bengston, "Are you a Realist or a Happy-Go-Lucky Optimist" by Walter Breckenridge, "Major Population Conference Set -- Fall of '97," "Recent Presentations," "Nine Things You can Do to Make a Difference," "Population Issue Priority -- Lamm," "Populaton Booklet Available," "Join Active Team," "Volunteer Thoughts" by Marit Nelson," "Portable Population Pocket Primer."