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The Overpopulation Podcast features enlightening conversations between World Population Balance Executive Director Dave Gardner, staff, and guests. Stay tuned as we roll out more podcasts to raise overpopulation awareness and spread the great news that overpopulation is solvable!

Episode 10:  "Tap Dancing Around Overpopulation"

Is discussing overpopulation politically incorrect? Science tells us there are more people on the planet today than the Earth can sustainably support. Is avoiding the subject the best way to solve the problem? The World Population Balance team tackles these questions in response to a column by journalist David Roberts explaining why he avoids the subject. Plus: What do hurricanes Irma and Harvey have to do with overpopulation. And there's good news on the teen pregnancy front. A rousing discussion with Dave Gardner, Carolyn VandenDolder, Alan Ware, and Joan Philips of World Population Balance.


Episode 9:  "Editorial Cartoons: What Makes Joel Pett Tick?"

Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Joel Pett has long had our environment, sustainability and overpopulation on his mind. His cartoons have graced USA Today, the Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, the Boston Globe and his hometown Lexington Herald-Leader for over three decades. Frequently lampooning denial and other irrational human behavior disrespecting our critical, life-supporting ecosystems, Joel’s deep connection with the natural world inspires him to use his creativity for good! Pett is also the winner of the 1999 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for cartooning, and a 1995 winner of the Global Media Award for cartoons on population issues. In this charming conversation, Joel shares stories about some of his favorite cartoons and reacts to Overpopulation Podcast host Dave Gardner’s analysis. While you listen, peruse Pett’s cartoons. CAUTION: Some adult language.


Episode 8:  "Small Family Campaigns and Incentives"

Are there ethical and moral ways for governments to accelerate the move to smaller families in order to contract population? Ethicists Colin Hickey and Jake Earl weigh in on why this should be done, and how we might do it fairly, in order to shrink our carbon footprint. 


Episode 7:  "Our Moral Obligation to Conceive Just One Child"

Host Dave Gardner talks with Travis Rieder, bioethicist and author of Toward a Small Family Ethic: How Overpopulation and Climate Change are Affecting the Morality of Procreation. Appearing on NPR and other national news outlets, Travis is encouraging everyone to consider the ethics of having children on an overpopulated, climate-disrupted planet. 


Episode 6:  "Evil Plot to End Overpopulation"

In Benjamin Dancer's novel, Patriarch Run, an evil mastermind attempts to solve overpopulation through the mass murder of billions. Benjamin joins host Dave Gardner to discuss the issues raised in the novel. Learn more about Benjamin's novel at


Episode 5:  "Choosing Childfree"

Author Laura Carroll joins host Dave Gardner to discuss the choice couples make to be childfree. Laura served as editor for the book, Man Swarm: How Overpopulation is Killing the Wild World by Dave Foreman, and is the author of The Baby Matrix: Why Freeing Our Minds From Outmoded Thinking About Parenthood & Reproduction Will Create a Better World, and Families of Two: Interviews With Happily Married Couples Without Children by Choice. For over the last 15 years, she has been researching the childfree choice and those who make it, and has interviewed thousands who’ve made this choice. The discussion includes our pronatal culture and where to get support, myths about family size, the cost of raising children, and of course doing your part to solve overpopulation. 

Episode 4:  "Move Upstream - We're Overpopulated"

Author, naturalist, and World Population Balance advisor, Karen Shragg completely supports working on the many environmental and social issues of our time, "but nothing will matter when we run out of the vital resources of this planet, or create a climate too unstable to grow enough food." In this interview with World Population Balance's David Paxson and Dave Gardner, Shragg explores the premise of her book, Move Upstream: A Call to Solve Overpopulation. The three attempt to untangle the irrational avoidance of fundamental truths about overpopulation. Karen thinks "it’s everyone’s responsibility, who has a microphone, to talk about this issue. We need to be afraid of the problem, not the solution."

Episode 3:  "Overpopulation: What do Young People Think?"

College student Jasmine Stark shares why and how she became concerned about overpopulation, and what she is doing about it. Her responses to the crisis include choosing to conceive just one child and having lots of conversations with her peers to put overpopulation on their radar screens.

Episode 2:  "Honey, We Need to Shrink the Population"

How do we know the world is overpopulated? And why is it necessary to begin dramatically reducing births? Dave Paxson and Dave Gardner are joined by World Population Balance Research Director Alan Ware, who runs down the list of essential, life-supporting natural resources being depleted by the needs and wants of 7.3 billion people.

Episode 1:  "Overpopulation is Solvable"

Most of us don’t know that much about world population. Is it growing? How fast? Has it already outstripped the planet’s capacity to support it? How do we know? Is there ANYTHING we can do about it?  The biggest surprise is that the solution to overpopulation is within our grasp.