Audience Reactions to World Population Balance Presentations

"I found Paxson's lecture extremely informative. He used good examples that gave me mental pictures, not just ideas and concepts about population growth. I realize now how important it is to educate others on population. Everyone needs to understand how serious a problem it is."

"This was an awesome presentation! Keep up the great work!"

"Frank Babka has tailored his presentations to cover some topics to fit more with our curriculum. This has occurred as he has traveled, thus increasing his artillary of subjects: Haiti, Africa, AIDS, developing countries, etc. The population issue takes on much more meaning with the students when a public speaker comes into your school. Kids sit up a bit more, saying things like 'Boy, this must be important!'"

"I think it is true that many Americans are in denial. I liked the way the speaker told the class about population growth. It wasn't like he would say how bad we are; he would tell stories and tie them into the subject."

"I thought the presentation was very interesting. This idea of overpopulation has now got my attention. When figures like 3 people per second is thrown at you, you can't help but open your mind and listen.... these facts are scary, it seems like a slight problem, but it's not. It's happening and it's happening fast. I am looking forward to finding more information on this subject."

"The video on Minnesota was a real eye opener to me and has inspired me to think about what needs to be done in our world today."

"David Paxson was a wonderful speaker who brought a major world problem down to a size we could grasp. He used visual aids and games to make us realize how fast the population grows every minute. This lecture was extremely informative and perhaps will motivate us to form groups at our education level to take action. I enjoyed his lecture because he showed passion and strength about what he stands for, and that makes the lecture a lot more interesting than someone who just tells the facts and nothing more."

"His example of growing bacteria in a jar was very effective at helping me understand the concept of exponential growth of population."

"After sitting through the lecture by David Paxson, I was surprised by how interesting the problem of world population was."

"He shared interesting facts and details that I have never really thought about before. Such facts as these are facts that you do not think of in your every day life, and you do not realize just how important they are. I feel the lecture was very beneficial and interesting to me. I feel it is important for everyone to be educated in topics such as this."

"There is not one environmental issue that is not driven or affected by the population. This lecture did make me think, and I probably will only have 2 children at the most to replace my husband and me. It is not a huge role to play in prevention, but it will certainly help."

"I enjoyed what Mr. Paxson had to say. He gave me some insight into overpopulation and made me realize that there really is a problem. I don't know enough about the problem to recommend a solution, but after hearing him speak, I am compelled to find out more."

"Every time I practice my flute, I will hear my metronome and remember this presentation."

"Your facts were staggering. I didn't realize the problem was that bad."

"I had no idea that population is growing exponentially."

"It's really astounding to hear the figures of the population of the world at present as well as the estimated growth in the future. Even though I had previous knowledge of the subject, it was still just as shocking as if I had heard it for the first time."

"Your presentation was alarming and fascinating. The video was an excellent visual reference to express your point. The example with the bowl to discuss exponential growth was very good."

"I knew we had a problem a long time ago, but what is one person going to do? I believe the only way this problem can be solved is to get more people like David Paxson to give lectures around the world so more people can get involved. Especially Congress..."